Are there themes for the Subscription Boxes? Yes, We give you the option to choose what you like though. One of our Experts can Pick items for your box, or you can go with one of our pre-packaged theme boxes.

It's totally up to you. At the end of the day, there is one aspect of our business that stays the same;  YOU (the BADDIE), are the star of the show, and we promote Baddie Style and Boss Vibes. And our Curated (the ones where you fill out a style profile) Box Contents will ALWAYS reflect as least one of each.


How much are the Subscriptions worth? You're going to be happy to learn that each of our boxes have a $200 retail value; well over the individual $69.95 box subscriber price!


Cool. So  will I know what is in my box specifically? That's gonna be a yes, and a no. When you sign up for your Subscription Box, you will fill out our 30 second Baddie Customer Profile Form. Your answers determine what goes into the box because we want you to be fully satisfied with what you receive.


Can I cancel my membership if doesn't live up to the hype? Yes you certainly can. You are never committed to being in a contract with us. We only want satisfied customers.


Can I just get 1 box to test out your service? Sure, just select the Single Box/Gift box. The Single Box is also perfect as a gift  for a loved one. We can provide giftwrapping upon request.


Will any of the jewelry from Subscription Boxes  turn color or fade?  It shouldn't, as most of our jewelry items are composed of stainless steel and tarnish free. Even though our jewelry is made of high-quality plated materials, this is NOT a solid gold or silver, so you'll need to handle it with care.

Please do not spray the jewelry with perfume or continuously expose it to water and/or chemicals. is not responsible for exchanging or replacing the piece with a new one. Of course, accidents happen, so you can always contact us, and we will look through your unique circumstances.


Do you give refunds, what if I don't like my box?  We believe that you will be ELATED by what you get but, things happen right? Due to the nature of the subscription box business, products aren't restocked. So in this case, all sales are final. There aren't any exchanges. Cancellations of orders will not be accepted. 

And although refunds aren't anticipated, if we determine that you should get a full or partial refund, you'll be automatically refunded using your original payment method.

Please allow proper processing time through your bank  or credit card company for the update to reflect.  To notify us with an issue regarding your product, email us at


Damages and Issues

We try to make sure that all of our subscription boxes are packaged securely. We realize that these things do happen, so we may be able to replace the item with something of equal value. We would also require a photo of the damaged item.  

Does work with influencers? Absolutely, please send us ( your social media info along with your contact email.

 Do you ship internationally? Not yet, but soon!

Do you gift wrap? Yes, absolutely for giftbox subscription boxes. Just in case you missed what was stated above. :)


Have a question regarding your order that's not included here? Email us at We will try our best to get back to you within 24-48 hours.