Well, by now you obviously know two things about me. 1. I am a Chick (mind you, a self-proclaimed Chick in the best Boss-Babe type of way). 2. I am from Harlem, (which is located in Manhattan---in New York City).


Thank you so much for visiting/shopping on Itgirlaccessories.com. BTW, this isn't just another Online Fashion Accessories Store. I Rock with Entrepreneurship and Following your Life's Passions





I work a 9-5, which I am very grateful to have, but I also love everything Fashion Accessories related. I mean, to the point where I started A WHOLE Fashion Accessories Blog and everything. I kept the name Itgirlaccessories.com because it grew to be popular, (plus my mamma ain't raise no fool). :)

What I discovered, was that I wasn't getting what I was putting into my blogging efforts---not the time back, or the cash Sis. Essentially, I was making lots of money for other folks by referring them TO THEIR fashion accessories products.  

Rewind to three months ago of this year of 2020. I woke up from bed one Monday morning feeling really extra OUT OF SORTS.  I felt STUCK. There is no better word to describe it. And  it wasn't my day job that had me feeling some kind of way---it dawned on me that how I'd chosen to run my blogging life was definitely the cause. 

It felt like a bad break up. Seriously, I'd become VERY LOYAL to the way that I ran things. But the need to become fully authentic and UNSTUCK overpowered anything otherwise. I began MAKING CHANGES that started with writing out a plan, detailing what I wanted my career to look like. And then I TOTALLY followed through. So were all of those years of blogging a waste?  Not at all, because I realized that blogging did give me something; a platform and the confidence to know that my READERS really are down for my Fashion Accessory picks. 

So here I am, juggling it all, the 9-5, this new business venture chapter, attempting to have a personal life---I'm not going to lie and tell you that making these changes has been easy. But Harlemites; we just hustle and do what we have to, keeping the bigger picture in mind. I revamped my website, started vlogging on YOUTUBE (which is CRAZY because I've always been SUCH a private person, and now I'm in these streets asking folks to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my videos).

I can't wait to see how this all plays out, particularly with me continuing on the course of making STRONG Financial Decisions, BUILDING up my BRAND, and TRULY BEING MY OWN BOSS. Come thru UNWAVERING FAITH... 

Update as of August 2021: Here's what I am learning about being in business for yourself. Sometimes you have to PIVOT with PURPOSE in life. While I am doing well with the online store, I found an even better way to serve my customers needs. I am expanding the business based on what I see a need for; providing them with a customized accessories subscription service experience based on what they LOVE. I do all of the work in securing the best finds, and they get to show it off. Yay me. Now Let's Go...…..