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So who is Dapper Dan? I’m sure that Jay-Z and Beyoncé won’t mind if I borrow an appropriate line from one of their chart-topping songs. Dapper Dan didn’t just beat that block. He BE’s the block.


That concrete paved area on 125th street, building 43 between 5th and Lenox Avenue in Harlem. Dan has established himself as a fashion icon---something like a luxury logo apparel designer phenomenon. And then like a poof of smoke at a magic show, he faded away from the scene forced to shut down his business accused of copyright infringement.


Dapper-Dan-Store But as we all know, whatever is meant to be will be. And if we’re talking about a comeback, then life doesn’t get any sweeter for this 129th street and Lexington raised designer.


Everything has suddenly come full circle with redemption leading the charge. These days, Dapper Dan is being prized for his unique sense of fashion. The high-end brands are finally doing what they should have done all along, partnering with the man with that swaggy fashion drip----, it’s that uptown Harlem thing.

Dapper Dan Designs

Dapper Dan Designs are like nothing that you’ve ever ever seen. His road to fashion designer stardom was built upon true passion; with his own sweat and tears. In a nutshell, Dan perfected the use of creating monogram themed couture--- Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, MCM, oftentimes in combination with butter soft leather or suede. It’s a Dapper Dan, or an entire ensemble, exuding head-to-toe freshness. It's a statement accessory (hat, shoes, etc.) that will undoubtedly get noticed.

Celebrities Who Wear Dapper Dan Designs

Just in case you were wondering about the who’s who, you should probably know that Dapper Dan has been dressing big celebrities since the 1980’s and he still is.


This means that Dapper Dan’s designs are more than a passing style trend. He’s in it for the long run, and the folks who wear his clothing truly think so too. Just check out some of the celebrities that have been recently spotted out wearing his designs. I’m sure that you will recognize many of them.



Actress Tracee Ellis Ross


Actress Salma Hayek



celebrities-wearing-dapper-dan-3 Supermodel Naomi Campbell on the cover of Essence Magazine A-list Celebrities, famous sports players, (okay and even rumored gangsters of the past) love whatever he creates. They all know that their outfits are going to be amazing and one of a kind.
"It’s like cool, you’ve got a Gucci Bag. But I’m going to level up and profile for you in the whole Gucci outfit."
What I do know for sure is that Dapper Dan Designs aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay. Some might think his clothing is over the top, but this fashion blogger has a clear understanding that you can improve on perfection. Dan wants his clients to feel special by using the finest of fabrics and custom embellishments. He wants them to feel almost super superior with what they wear. “It’s like cool, you’ve got a Gucci Bag. But I’m going to level up and profile for you in the whole Gucci outfit.”

The Dapper Dan Gucci Store

Times have certainly changed, and so has Dapper Dan’s business address. He’s back in Harlem, and the business digs have gotten a whole lot swankier. After all, it only makes sense since Gucci made the clever decision to align themselves with him. It’s the Dapper Dan Atelier Studio. And no, I’m not giving you the exact address. It doesn’t mean that he’s not open for business to the public---it means you can’t just go barging your way inside the premises. Made to order garments and limited-edition items and accessories can only by requested by appointment only. That’s facts. That Dapper Dan net worth is on the rise, and we can only respect the hustle, right?

That’s Dapper Dan of Harlem to you, Baby

dapper-dan-photo Photo Courtesy of GQ Magazine
That’s Dapper Dan of Harlem, to anyone that hasn’t had the pleasure of making his acquaintance. Okay, add me onto the list. I also can’t say that I know this fashion designer personally. But and comma, there’s a kindred spirit between us, I’m sure of it. Check out my website header, and you will see that I am a proud resident of Harlem. I have been for most of my life. I claimed Harlem even when I relocated to Atlanta. And when I returned and could no longer afford to live in the Harlem, I moved to the boogie down Bronx. I was still Harlem all day. Just ask me what I know about:
  • Willie burgers
  • Candlelight Bar and Chicken Spot or the one on the corner where you walked down the steps of West 145th
  • The Mammy-Jammy joint on 134th and St Nick
  • Georgie’s Donuts
  • Seafood Haven
  • Pan-Pan
  • The fish and chips spot on Lenox and 129th street
Okay, so you get that I’m totally a foodie 😊 Ask me about:
  • When Harlem Week was really popping, with the stage setups in front of the Harlem State Office Building on 125th
  • Rice high school dances
  • Parties at the YMCA on 135th
  • The DJ’s spinning for the neighborhood folks at the nearest school park or street block party
  • Mount Morris Park (now renamed Marcus Garvey Park) picnics and Barbeque
  • Skate Key Outings (it was located in the Bronx but it was a popular spot)
Or ask me about:
  • Clean and crisp Reebok sneakers
  • Bold name belts
  • Big bamboo earrings or dolphin earrings.
  • Blinged out nugget jewelry
  • Not to be forgotten were the name chains and the Jesus pendants

It was all about a vibe back then, and lots are folks are trying to bring it back. Want to see a reflection of Harlem in 2018 and beyond? Check out this Youtube video Yep, P Diddy’s sons (King Combs and Quincy) and company are representing, recreating new lanes of millennial Harlem culture. And Dave East, a beast of a Harlem rapper, tight on street lyrical game is proving to be the truth. He’s bringing it back home for us too.


FYI, East has new music out, Beloved, with Styles P. Don’t turn on me. I know that ASAP Rocky, Jim Jones, Cam'ron and them, have been rocking with repping Harlem for quite some time too. I know that Dapper Dan can relate to all of that rich culture and then some.

Dapper Dan and Me?

So... Dapper Dan isn't the only one who managed to pull off a strong comeback. This Chick is back in Harlem-world territory, and she owns a modest slice of the pie. I too put in some work.


I showed up prepared, at the right time, in the right place with God’s blessing. But guess what? Even if I was elsewhere; anywhere on this entire planet, the spirit of Harlem would forever be live. That’s live, which rhymes with five. Enough about me. You know I’m here to help you make things happen. If you want Dapper Dan designs at your fingertips. Here you are. Enjoy.

Kanye West Oval Office Visit

Believe it or not, this final blog paragraph is still post-related. Kanye is always professing his hometown love for Chicago, and I obviously have hometown pride for Harlem as well. With this being a fashion accessories blog, I must speak on that whole Make America Great Again hat thing. No Sir, and no Maam. But I am all the way in it for these Lit snapback hats from the African American CEO and founder of Honor & Able. They say Make America Harlem Great Again:


hats-honor-and-able And for the record, this info is not sponsored. It’s just me, co-signing an excellence in Harlem movement. I can do that because I run this.... :) XOXO, until next time Loves,  


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