Wendy Williams Fashion | Eyeglasses Frames Edition

Wendy Williams Fashion is on front street. Apart from her gossipy chatterbox of a mouth and Microphone, there's one other accessory that most seem to LOVE. Check out the Wendy Williams show (or the Wendy Williams after show). You'll see her in one out of many pairs of Fabulous jewel-encrusted reading eyeglasses.


I know that you've seen them before. Chick has them in almost every color by now, but it's the cat eyeglass style frames which gives AchickfromHarlem her LIFE. As pictured in my featured image, my Itgirlaccessories.com readers, you can plainly see that the shape and gleam add an almost Broadway marquis element to the face.


It's blingy and sparkly and we're into them because of this very glam factor. No one will be BLINDED by the FACT, that they're a sweet pair of eyeglass frames. It makes you want to slip on a pair of those spectacles just as soon as you can get them right? See, the right eyewear can bring out that feeling in you. It's an accessory as well, and if you happen to need a prescription, well then that's nothing but a thing. Add it to your to-do list and read on and on til the break of dawn. Howboutdat?


Wendy Williams Fashion | Eyeglass Frames

Wendy Williams Fashion Cues


"But AchickfromHarlem, I don't have a clue about which frames I should invest in for my particular face shape..... It's all good, even for you 20/20 two-eyed homo sapiens. Don't you know by now that I've got your back---well, in this case it's your face, but you get the general idea.


Go to http://glasses.com immediately. You can try eyeglasses on virtually there. Try as many sizes and styles as you like---until boom. The Eyeglasses shape for you; discovered. Now, Wendy Williams actually gets all of her bedazzled eyeglass frames from http://Divaliciousjewelry.com. They've stepped their game up to become more than a brand showcasing BAPS-like movie accessories.


They've got a selection of glam eyeglass frames for you to pick from that are another LEVEL. Select the ones with a similar shape to the ones that you tried on at http://eyeglasses.com. Boom. You've got eyes covered with specialized stylish frames ; just like the celebrities wear.


What I like is that you won't have to go into debt to score yourself great glam. The prices for this blinged-out crystal studded accessory will only run you anywhere between $30 - $80. I found some that give the Wendy Williams fashion eyeglass frames a run for their money.


My personal faves are the Clear optical Julius, the Waldo Optical Frames, and the Half Nit Sunglasses and or readers. They're pictured in the gallery of this style blog post. They'd make a great gift for you or whoever. Scroll on down for more accessories to complete the look.....

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