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The Waist Belt. Have you heard of it? It’s also sometimes called the corset, the corset belt, the waist cincher, or the corset waist belt, most likely because they’re all believed to be associated with the goal of slimming down the waist---like some kind of curvy girl miracle invention. But this post right here?


This post right here? Is going to zero in on the waist belt as that one all-important womens fashion belts accessory that you shouldn’t be doing without; not under any circumstances with you being the fashionista that you are.


waist belt - snakesinWaist Belt – The Only 3 Reasons You Need to Buy One

#1 It’s cheap. Sure, I could show off and use the bigger word ECONOMICAL, but sometimes it just is what it is. Repeat after me and say this. “It’s only a belt.” You can absolutely afford it because the cost generally lies within the double digit range of $10 and upwards.

Quote me when I tell you don’t have to worry about it getting too expensive, that is unless you’re going for the more posh designer belt brands Ms. Fancy Pants. #2 No surgery required. Nope, not a single stich. None of those evasive medical procedures are needed, and you’re not about to be laid up in pain on the mend.


Another great plus is that you can wear it with anything; as a wide belt for dresses, as a women’s belt for jeans---you can completely be the one to decide on the look. #3 It’s instant. In our fast-paced society, most of us want to see the results NOW. Believe me when I tell you that you will be able to enjoy your meal and have dessert, while STILL appearing SNATCHED the entire time.

The CORSET, The WAIST CINCHER, and the WAIST BELT. What’s the difference?

The Corset – Girlfriends, let’s start with the true to this, and when it began. The use of the corset date all the way back to the 1300’s, which means that a woman’s form has been held up to a high standard of beauty for a really long time.


In essence, it was designed with steel boning, created to function from below the chest to the hip, to be worn underneath clothing to modify the waist as a fitted garment. Fun fact (okay, so maybe not for you or me, but maybe for the person who was healed).


It was also used to aid the support of an injured neck or back. The Waist Cincher – So it’s really a type of corset. The waist cincher is designed to flatter the abdominal area and SOLELY SUPPORT THE WAIST. The Waist Belt – This one is my very own RISING STAR. The waist belt pretty much exists in the name of fashion, to create the ILLUSION of a slimmer waist without being too extreme. Can we take a moment and enjoy the journey?


This is what makes this pick so Epic, because it doesn’t try to over deliver. It’s still fashionable enough to wear out without looking like you’re going to do some extreme heavy weight lifting, and you won’t look like an anime cartoons.

Body Shapers and Such in the name of Waist Trainers - Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

Please don’t come for me. I’m aware that there are “gangs” dedicated to wearing some very specific body gear which boasts its benefits as being able to bring you down several sizes and accelerate weight loss (stomach belt to reduce tummy) in the name of waist training. Hey, You like it. I love. It.


Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian have even been on board with it. It’s all good, and here’s the reason why. I’m not about to knock anyone’s hustle because I can keep everything in perspective. The selling point is the lifestyle; one that perpetuates the benefits of being the girl with deep curves. That’s innocent enough right? Sweet.


We’re on the same page then. IJS, consult a professional before you choose to go this route. Don’t be manic to live up to a standard of beauty that isn't everyone's experience. Dare I dish the tea that if you read the fine print, the company heads even reveal that there are no weight loss guarantees with these products in particular.

Which Brings Us Back to the Waist Belt
Now when I tell you that you can get that similar curvy girl result for next to nothing, which of the women accessories would you choose to go with? The waist belt is so easy to wear that you would probably want to go with it for sure. And in terms of a waist belt outfit, go for a distressed tee shirt, a tee-shirt dress, a women's button down top, or a basic dress and you can't go wrong. By now you get how this works. Get to scrolling, and get the waist belt that you love for yourself the VERY VERY MOST.

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