Vogue - Anna Wintour, the Woman the Myth, The NECKLACE.


Vogue. Vogue. When I think of this mega publication, I immediately think of the woman who set her sights on coming to the big apple to follow her couture fashion runway dreams.


And while she no longer serves as the Editor-In-Chief at Vogue Magazine (she's currently the artistic director at Conde Nast), the fashion icon has hardly hung up her hat on the industry.


Actually, Anna would NEVER wear a hat because there's no way that she would muss up her beloved perfect bob.



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Vogue - And The Anna Wintour Necklace

There's one INFAMOUS fashion accessory synonymous with The Vogue Anna Wintour brand---and that's the Anna Wintour necklace. And believe you me, there aren't any ordinary necklaces.


They're alleged to be priced at around $20,000 each. If you want to nab the look but your cash flow isn't set up that way, no problem.  (Get your very own Anna Wintour Style Necklace on a budget right here).


But when you're a BAWSE, you can wear such women's jewelry, which quite possibly comes from S.J. Phillips Ltd., the London jewelers.

Vogue - Anna Wintour Read on, my Itgirlaccessories.com readers to find out more about The Brit-born Anna Wintour, or "A-Win" (the new nickname that I've chosen to lovingly call her).



Anna Wintour Necklace

The Anna Wintour Necklace experience consists of layers and strands on strands (she's been known to rock up to 4 necklaces at a time) of crystal clear gems, colored gems, or a mixture of both, as photo'd on the iconic cover of the World Street Journal above.


What are the Necklaces Anna Wintour Wears?

If you want to know what are the necklaces Anna Wintour wears, it's sort of like a page snatched from a jewelry look-book that NEVER becomes outdated.

The ones that Vogue's own Anna Wintour wears are authentic; antique Georgian Collet necklaces and Edwardian jeweled necklaces.


What Is A Collet Necklace? 


Click photo below to Purchase now



The stones can be in amethyst, topaz, and more, and they get their brilliant sparkle because of their step cut style, which is offset in oval-shaped stones.


In old times, they were once only worn by the REAL QUEENS HONEY. And here's more history for you to indulge in if you like. BTW, I had a statement necklace STANDOFF with Ms. Anna Wintour. Of course I chose to do it with the utmost respect, with new millennium style.


My stones are exclusively from J Crew (the jumbo brulee necklace). I purchased them years ago; purchased every single one that I could get my little hands on.

They're completely SOLD OUT and don't make them anymore. I know, it's a big disappointment, but I promise to include some amazing bold statement necklace substitutes. You might even be interested in a monogram necklace as an alternative. 


How to monogram a necklace easily


Anna Wintour Necklace Dupe 


Click below photo to Purchase 



Now back to our regularly scheduled post... As an accessories blogger, it's my job to enlighten, so you should also probably know that crystals are also said to possess qualities which help to promote peace, harmony, and healing.


"But, AchickfromHarlem, I've seen Anna Wintour in those crystal necklaces before. Do you think she ever takes them off?"


Silence! How dare you ask such a thing OH-THEE-OF-LITTLE-CRYSTAL-KNOWLEDGE. It's all in fun, but You are exposed as a naysayer.




shop-anna-wintour-necklace Shop the AFFORDABLE Versions of Anna Wintour's Necklaces by Clicking on the above photo Now.

Whether she does or doesn't, it's Anna Wintour that we're speaking of here. If she takes them off, then neither one of us will ever be worthy enough to see it occur.


If she leaves them on, while bathing or otherwise, with the belief that a true fashionista should remain accessorized at all times, then we, by all means have to respect that.


Vogue Celebrity Gossip


Oh sure, we all know that Anna Wintour is the top editor for Vogue magazine, but it's those things that we don't know about Anna Wintour that makes us more intrigued about who she is apart from being Anna Wintour, the wearing Colette necklaces woman. You came here for the dish, so here are a few things that you may not know about Anna Wintour.
  • She reportedly earned a cool 2 million dollars per year as the editor for Vogue Magazine. There's no telling how much she makes now.
  • Or how about, WHO SHOT YA? Anna Wintour was once fired from Harper's Bazaar Magazine for her decision to style models with dreadlocks on a Parisian fashion shoot.

Here's one of my favorite interviews with Anna, published by Forbes Life on YouTube. In it, she'll show you how totally approachable she is.



Now that I've satisfied your celebrity gossip fix, onto bigger and better. The below photo is one of AchickfromHarlem's favorite looks on Anna Wintour, the Times Square Conde Nast around-the-way-girl wearing her Collet necklaces.


It's not ladies-who-lunch. It's the relaxed version of Anna Wintour---the image I get of Anna inside my head when I wrote this post because in my mind we're simply COOL LIKE


THAT. Anna Wintour Necklace and tee shirt. The woman knows how to change it up with her staple jewelry selections, doesn't she? If you long for more A-Win inspo, I came across some more of her fashion beauty stylings on this nifty Pinterest Page.


But wait. While we’re on the subject of women's accessories we have to SURELY speak on the other two major accessories that make Anna Wintour who she is.


Meet the Manolo Blahnik heels clad to her little feet and the larger than life sunglasses that shield her face frame from the celebrity thirst-trap of glaring onlookers.

Vogue Vibes - The Manolo Blahnik, Chanel, and Anna Wintour Affair

They’ve been together for AGES. They Old-D-B go back since the year 1994. During Fashion week, they’re together, during the Met Gala, they’re together, and for all of the Red Carpet fan-fare---they’re together.


They were made to be. No, as in really made to be. Anna Wintour's Manolo Blahnik’s are customized and made to order, pairs on pairs by the season.


Blahnik himself made a wooden model of her foot and get this: sculpted the shoes around them. Oh, and Anna loves to wear a nude crisscrossed shoes in subtle variations. Must be nice to wear what you want to, whenever you want to.


Anna Wintour Daughter

Yes, Anna Wintour has offspring, a beautiful daughter by the name of Bea Shaffer. And quite frankly, she's just not into Fashion----unlike her very well known mom.



Vogue - The Anna Wintour Sunglasses



Anna Wintour necklace and sunglasses

"I can sit in a show and if I am bored out of my mind, nobody will notice… At this point, they have become, really, armor."

Anna Wintour has got to have her over-sized shades, either perched on her nose or in tow, buried atop the hairs on her head. They’re always Chanel, because what else would her signature sunnies possibly be?


They’re the other fashion accessory that Wintour won’t go without. Outdoors or inside, blazing shine---or pouring down rain. Back in 2009, when asked why she’d wear sunglasses indoors she replied, “I can sit in a show and if I am bored out of my mind, nobody will notice…At this point, they have become, really like armor." Quite frankly, it makes a whole lot of sense to this Accessories Blogger.


To that I say, YOU GO ANNA. You can peep and enjoy this really cool page featuring Anna herself and the particularly intriguing 26 Times Anna Wintour Wore Sunglasses In The Dark. Do you want to be like Anna Wintour? Would you like to think as she does, and gain the A-Win perspective? Then take the ANna Wintour Master Class Babes.


Anna is teaching leadership and creativity. So bring an apple, and be sure to sit in the front row. Well, here's to FEEL-GOOD ACCESSORIES, all hail the Stone Princess Anna Wintour. Will you be adding Georgian Necklaces, or Chanel sunglasses to your accessories collection so that you can DO IT LIKE ANNA? I hope that you enjoyed this Vogue insider look featuring A-Win, Anna Wintour. Until next time Babes! XOXO,

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