The Kamala Harris Pearl Necklace TAKEOVER | 7 Modern Picks That Look Nothing Like Grandma's

The Kamala Harris Pearl Necklace TAKEOVER | 7 Modern Picks That Look Nothing Like Grandma's

The Kamala Harris Pearl Necklace---and her Chucks (converse sneakers) have been the source of plenty of news headlines lately, but there's way more to the eye when it comes to one half of the style combination. 


It's all about the Kamala Harris Pearls Darling.  And sure, the POWER of the Pearls have long been associated with women in politics. However, I wrote this post to let you you know about the entire package. It's all about having a voice---and a platform, all while being properly accessorized.



The Kamala Harris pearls have a history, and If you think that the Vice-President only started sporting them on her journey to the White House, I can tell you that's surely not the case. 

It turns out that Harris has had a love of pearls since she was a student at Howard University. Yes, check out the RECEIPTS below; the throwback photo that she posted on her very own social media Twitter page:





These days, Kamala's favorite pearl necklace has evolved, giving us more double-stranded, contemporary PEARL NECKLACE FEELS. You've just got to love and appreciate that type of pearl necklace jewelry dedication. 







Not to say that other women haven't ROCKED a Pearl Statement Necklace with a confident swagger----Michelle Obama, our former first lady (wife of Barack Obama) certainly SLAYED it.

Layers on layers all sizes and colors. Oh she did that. And then some. Take a look at the Michelle Obama Pearls. These are but a few pearl pics of Michelle that managed to warm lots of our hearts:









Yes, all the girls love the pearls, and one pearl lover has me spilling some TEA. Did you know former first lady Jackie O (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, wife to John Kennedy) was obsessed with pearls too? The thing was, that the very fave necklace that she wore was actually NOT REAL at all! Girl, someone else purchased that same necklace at an auction, started duplicating them and selling them in bulk as "Jackie's Pearls!"  

Are you understanding the POWER of the PEARLS a bit better now?


Now back to our regularly scheduled program, and everything else that brought you here. If you still need convincing on why I believe that each and every woman should own at least ONE pearl necklace here goes. These are my Top Picks for you Anti-Pearl Lovers who believe pearls only belong on grandmothers. Come on over to the other side.....


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1. Some of you want a necklace just like Kamala Harris, and I know it. You're welcome. This one is quite similar (you can double it), it's affordable and will definitely fit the bill.




2.The Chunky Pearl Necklace. It's modern and layered. They only have the E initial in this style, but there are more to choose from. This remix does get anymore 2021. Click the photo to buy now.







 3. This Single Strand Pearl Necklace Right Here? They call it a Lariat. This pick PROVES that pearls can be sexy doesn't it. Just get you double-sided tape and do your thing. Double click on the photo to make it all yours





4. The Statement Pearl Necklace. This one is very Michelle Obama, it brings colors (there are plenty of vibrant shades to choose from) and pearl multi-strand necklace goodness:










 5. The In-Your-Face Pearl Necklace that almost wasn't there. Isn't this pick Stylish? It speaks volumes in simple chain strands and cultured pearls to today's woman. Click the pic to buy now Babes:










6. Adore This Pearl Necklace Cutie Pick. I'd wear this with a tee-shirt and jeans, and it would be EVERYTHING. Click to photo to checkout right now. 







7. Last, but certainly not least is this Minimalist Pearl Choker Necklace that STILL packs the powerful pearl punch that we seek.


This one will actually be available in February ladies. Here's another option, in a different style.  Please check the website and be sure to sign up for the mailing list so that you never miss out on any of our New Arrivals :)






Well, that's about it my Baddies. Hope this Pearl Necklace Blog Post Gave you everything that you didn't know you needed!



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