Rose Patch Everything - How to Swag Out Your Womens Accessories

Rose Patch Everything, because everything's coming up rosy right? Just take a look around and you're sure to see rose embroidered women's hats, women's sneakers, women's tops, jeans and dresses. The design seems to be a play on everything girly----or if I'm being honest, the connection might just reflect how much most of us chicks love flowers.


In any case, this fashion blogger is on the case, ready to share what I've discovered by giving you the FLOWER POWER that you so deserve---for so much less of course.

  1. Get the Rose Bodysuit here 2. Get the Rose Choker here

Rose Patch - So Just a Trend or Nah?

Rose Patch Gucci Sneakers It very well could be, but let's not forget that florals are a HUGE part of fashion in general. And the big designers are putting big bucks into Rose Embroidery when it comes to their fashion accessories and clothing.


Gucci just happens to be one of them. Look up and peep one of their newest women's accessories for yourself. They're ADORBS, but the price tag will set you back more than a few Benjamin's at a whooping $700.

DIY rose patches to the Rescue

What if I told you that you could get the very same rose effect by doing it yourself? For real guys. I write and stalk women's accessories. I'm no I Made This Pro, but EVEN I, could pull off this clever DIY rose hack. I just hope that I don't go overboard with it, because I am hella EXTRA. I can easily see myself putting roses on my denim jackets...making my SK8-Hi Vans custom...roses on my tees...


Here are some more DIY rose patch ideas up for the taking. LoL. Okay back to the subject at hand. Jerome Gonzales is my rose embroidery DIY inspiration of the day. He's an up and coming Youtuber who you should subscribe to (you're already subscribed to the YouTube Channel right?)

Anyways, Jerome does an expert job in making this fashion DIY a cake-walk. Look and learn, just like I did. I'll see you Babes next time, because I know that you will be busy, all over this fun tutorial.



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