Ponytail Hairstyles DIY---Baddie Flex 2021


Ponytail Hairstyles DIY is coming with a strong Baddie Flex in 2021 and beyond. Ahhh, the ponytail; most of us have childhood memories of getting our hair done in a ponytail style. It may have been one or more ponytails in fact.






Remember that comb, angling at perfect parts in your scalp, with you sitting in a chair as your hair got sectioned off and secured with Bobos? As impatient as we may have been; in a hurry to go and play outside, I bet we hit up that mirror first, smiling with hair-do satisfaction before speeding out the door.  


Fast forward into 2021, and I can say that my Ponytail hairstyle love is just magnified. It’s elevated to Grown Woman Status. And this post is going to give everything that it NEEDS to GIVE in Ponytail Hairstyles 2020 and Beyond Baddie Hairstyles Trends….




Ponytail Hairstyles 2020



Ponytail Hairstyles 2020 and beyond. Let’s get into it. But why a ponytail? Ponytails are youthful. It’s the one snatch that you can easily pull off yourself. Just know that ponytail hairstyles are not as plain as they used to be. It can be as complex or even as simple as you’d like.


What Hairstyles Can You Do with a Ponytail? You can do a high ponytail (genie-style), a low ponytail, you can add braids or twists into your ponytail. You can embellish your ponytail with hair accessories and more.




Is a low or high ponytail better? I’d have to say wear what you like best. Keep in mind that a lower ponytail is probably more wearable because the tension on the hair is less the lower you go down with the ponytail.


How do I make my ponytail look good? You can make your ponytail look good by wearing it in a manner that suits you best. You might want to add a part down the center or the side, or give yourself a swoop bang if you are trying to play down features that you want to direct attention away from. 


Simple Ponytail Hairstyles for Every Day


If you’re looking for the simple ponytail hairstyles for every day then look no more. There’s officially no excuse to NOT be able to rock a ponytail if you want to. It doesn’t matter if you want a ponytail with short hair (thank you for the video Sidia Chin). You can also do a ponytail with long hair----as long as you want it to be (thank you for the video Dollface Naje).


Ponytail Hairstyles Trends




Looking to up the anti Ponytail hairstyle trends? Check out these Baddie Hairstyles:




First up is a remix on the simple ponytail---just add this cool accessory and BOOM. It’s a bop. You can get in pearl or metallic. There are mini combs on each end and you just center in your hair.







It’s Edgy, it’s Chic, it Everything. Oh, and did I mention that this Baddie hair accessory is IN STOCK at Itgirlaccessories.com???!!  Go here now.


What if I told you you could pull off an ALL BLING ponytail? Peep another amazing all-in-one affordable Women’s Ponytail Trend below:   




Here’s another look that got thousands of repins on the Itgirlaccessories.com Pinterest Page:








Want to know how to do this popular pearl ponytail hairstyle in 3 simple steps?

 1. Watch the how to video here. Thank you Viola Viola_pyak

 2. You can Purchase the hair pearl accessories here.

 3. Make sure that you use hair glue to attach them. A little goes a long way. It can easily be removed :) You can find the product here .



Weave Ponytail Hairstyles for Black Hair




Weave ponytail hairstyles for black hair versatility. By now you know that any ponytail hairstyle is possible. This curly side ponytail hairstyle is a sure BOP. Thank you Filthy Rich Tresses.


Ponytail Hairstyle Hair Accessories


Okay, so I just had to add this. How many times have you wanted to wear cute hat with your ponytail but couldn’t? Either the ponytail was too high, or too low, or it didn’t look right in general? Here’s the answer. Pin it up and go. She's ready for the beach or WHATEVER. (This hat comes in all kind of gorgeous colors!)






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