Accessorizing with Monograms---Don't You Know Who I Am?

Accessorizing with Monograms---Don't You Know Who I Am?

Think about it. Letters are EVERYTHING when it comes to defining who you are. Letters form words. Letters spell out YOUR NAME. You're suddenly so----YOU. And not to mince WORDS, but this particular Accessories Style Blogger, AchickfromHarlem, wants you to know right at this very second that you are just as important and newsworthy as any one of those celebrities out there. So take that as the Celebrity Gossip for this post.

Style and You, You and Stylin'

Style can be achieved in many ways, and on this Style Blog, you'll learn so many good ones that will likely make you want to stalk my Twitter timeline. Today, we're going to put on our rose-colored eyeglasses and take a look at accessorizing, and how wearing a monogram can make you one really original gal (or guy). No need to ask.

"What the heck is a monogram AchickfromHarlem?"


A monogram is: a motif of two or more letters, but single initials are way cool too. When you wear a monogram, you're telling the world HERE I AM. It does the job of setting you apart from all others. Picture this, you and some chick are wearing identical fashion outfits straight off of the first page of Zara's What to Wear to Work Look book.


It's the same color and everything; a sick combination of wide leg charcoal trousers, and a white starched Oxford shirt. In fact, you both decide to flip up the collar and wear it like it was meant to be worn; with a mean multi-strand necklace wrapped to the Gods around your necks.


But you choose to take your white Oxford button down shirt a step further by getting your initials embroidered on the pocket one week before you step out in it. Take a wild guess at Who Wore it Best? It's you, because you brought an element of style that was unique.

Monograms - Not What They Used to Be

When you think about monograms, you might think of those hoity-toity types, you know, country club members, yacht club people, or ladies who lunch. But nope, you can be way exclusive too.


Times have changed. Monograms are no longer limited to what they used to be, or even where they used to be. For the sake of this blog, I'm limiting the style items to accessories, but you know that I'll make the list bad-ass. Here's a breakdown of that list (for your viewing pleasure, that's my selections pictured above in the grid):

  • Courtney Kerr is my top top pick for the blogger who wore it best. Her layering methods SLAYS the competition.
  • And don't you think that singer Taylor Swift could wear a different style monogram necklace for all of her Taylor Swift songs? Spotted---she's nabbed our Celebrity monogram necklace look.
  • Okay, tell me that the Monogram jewelry box isn't something that you need to have sitting on your dresser right now. Just in case you don't know, it comes in colors; in your initial.
  • And I'm sure that you've seen monogram bracelets before, but how about this fab leather combo. It's chic and bold at the same time.
  • Who knew? You can get your Chucks and your Hunter rain boots monogrammed?
  • The Tortoise monogram earrings are the BESTIS. They exude simple elegance right?

Accessorizing should be a MUST DO in life. Scroll on down to LIVE IT.


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