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The monogram necklace; the idea of its ability to be uniquely cool takes this fashion blogger back to a time when statement necklaces spoke directly to who you were. It was a time when LL Cool J’s hefty rope chains went SAVAGE, rockin’ the bells.


Flavor Flav ‘s clock pendant necklace swayed to the beat as he crooned Fight the Power, and Slick Rick donned massive diamond and gold monogram medallions as he melodically rapped a verse of La-di-da-di. And ain't a damn thing changed. The monogram necklace still represents, in a way that makes you definitively you---to the letter.


What is a Monogram Necklace?

Initial Monogram


Soooo… a Monogram necklace is a necklace that usually contains the wearer’s initials, (the first name, the middle initial, and the last name). Sometimes an individual will omit the middle name and use just the initials of the first name and last name though.


This would surely be the case if you don’t have a middle name. For the end all be all of Monogramming How-To, check out the completely FREE tutorial below which was graciously provided to you by yours truly, AchickfromHarlem, only here on



Monogram Necklace – How to Place the Letters


Want a monogram necklace, but not completely sure about which initials to use, or exactly what order to put them in? Don't let that cause you to feel any kind of way because you’re not alone :o). We found it most surprising how many times this very question came up; people asking how to go about monogramming a necklace! Well, consider this problem SOLVED.



Our easy monogram jewelry guide below will show you how to do it in a snap: The first name initial should be on the left, followed by the initial of the last name in the middle, and finally the middle name initial goes on the right. Let’s use the below photos as examples. Okay Babes, soooo...Jennifer Rachel Wiley would be monogrammed as:


monogram necklace how to

Monogrammed Gifts for a Woman



The above monogram necklace is a perfect gift for women who like to accessorize and stand out fashionably. Not to be mistaken with the Kim Kardashian Necklace Cult following.



Monogram history dates all the way back to the middle ages, when individuals set out to personalize their belongings, but placing one’s initials on jewelry has taken this process to another level of style.



Monogram Necklace – For a Married or Engaged Couple



Married flow. Love and happiness. Are you wondering about the monogram sequence for a recently married bride when you also want to include her new husband’s initial?



No sweat. Just follow this basic order - The letter on the left of the monogram necklace should be the initial of the bride’s first name. The letter on the right should be the initial of the groom’s first name, and nuzzled in the middle position is the initial of the couple’s last name. For example, Alexis and David Newberg

would be: monogram necklace gold

Monogramming Gift for a Man



Monogram necklaces generally tend to be a women’s accessory, but if you’d like a cool idea for monogramming a gift for a man, then you should absolutely go with monogrammed cufflinks.



The rules for monogramming on them is just as easy as can be. Men’s monogrammed jewelry goes like this: The first name initial is on the left, the middle name initial is on the right, and the last name initial is in the middle. Take a gander at the below example. Andrew Charles Black would look like this:



monogram cufflinks gift

Monogrammed Cufflinks


Monogramming Gifts for Children



Any child would look just adorable in their own monogram necklace or bracelet. A child’s monogram is no different. It follows the same order of the popular monogram design. Take for instance the name Aubrey Caitlyn Smith. The monogram is going to appear like this: monogram necklace acrylic



Monogramming Kids Names on a Necklace



Another special way that people wear monogram jewelry is with their children’s names (because you know that everyone believes that their children are the most important in the entire world).



This technique is particularly popular with parents who have two or three kids. Go on and set your sights on the below example. The necklace can be both Connor and Daniel with Brown as their last name, or three kids on a monogram, shown as Connor, Brittney, and David: monogram necklace rose gold

Rose Gold Plated Monogram Necklace

I promise you that by using my fool-proof instructions, your monogrammed necklace will be the most sought-after keepsake gift ever.


We’re just sayin.’ It will make the perfect present for you or someone else! It also happens to be a fabulous Mother's Day jewelry gift, Valentines Day gift, Birthday gift. It's just a cool jewelry gift to give; something the recipient can look at and cherish, knowing that you had something specially made for them, for years to come.


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