Mike Pence Fly On Head---and the Bee Bangle Bracelet BUZZ


Mike Pence and Kamala Harris went head to head in a Vice-Presidential debate and the ENTIRE world is LIERALLY all in a buzz about it. Lots of topics were covered, with Senator Harris landing lots of powerful blows to Pence on where the Trump administration has failed us all.


But can we discuss the real star of the show? Ladies gentleman, it was the fly. The fly that nestled onto Mike Pence’s silver tresses as if it was well---very much right at home.

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Mike Pence and the Fly

To be expected will be the #joebudenfly and the Instagram posts relating flies and it’s determined draw to bulls***. But we won’t get into all of the politics here, after all this is a Fashion Accessories Blog. And while I wasn’t planning on crafting a post on Bug Jewelry here it is because somethings are obvious. People are drawn to looking at bugs, and it just so happens to all the rage jewelry accessories wise.

The Bee Bangle Bracelet. I did not realize that folks were so crazy for Bee Jewelry. Newsflash - The Bee Bracelet in my online Store Itgirlaccessories.com is FLYING off the virtual shelves and I don’t believe that it’s just because I chose to name the Bee Cuff Bracelet the Baddie Bee Bracelet.

The honey comb bracelet details, the sparkle of the gem stones, and the beauty of the honey bee bracelet pattern makes this women’s jewelry piece an absolute must-have for accessories addicts. And right about now, I’m sure that the Mike Pence and the fly story would have been viewed differently if it were a honeybee.

Bee Bangle and other jewelry


It really doesn’t matter if you’re not a fan of Bee jewelry, it could be any insect really. Plenty of folks are also obsessed with butterfly jewelry, ladybug jewelry, dragonfly jewelry and the like. So, what do you think?

I'm still very much biased and on the accessorizing side of the Bangle Bee Bracelet. But will fly jewelry become an accessories trend during the coming new year? Mike Pence may have really started something. Who would have ever thought that flies could garner the attention of the masses on such a sophisticated highly televised platform?



Insect Jewelry Trend

Insect jewelry was really huge during the Victorian Era, and in the name of homage, I’m here to keep it going. Check out these additional affordable fashion jewelry finds that I’ve rounded up for you.  are you down for the bee bracelet gold finish? Let’s keep the Mike Pence Buzz going shall we?



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