The Kim Kardashian Religious Necklace – A New Cult or Just Fashion?


The Kim Kardashian religious necklace. You know, that brushed gold triangle pendant in good company with the other circular pendants? (or you could just gaze down at the mega zoomed-in photo that I've included for you below).


Let's make it a PIVOTAL moment. It’s Kim K. Tribal. Cult-worthy in fact. Mrs. Kardashian-West accessorized the ish out of her neck right? There's no way that you don't want to look at it at in wonderment.


It should have been named after Kim Kardashian with all of the jewelry buzz that this look is generating. Perhaps it's not as famous as the Vogue Anna Wintour Necklace, but it's created its own lane. They could've easily called it, the Kim Kardashian gold necklace medallion. Or the Kim Kardashian gold triangle necklace. You get the point :)


Kim-kardashian-pendant-necklace-2 And guess what? That's why we're here. This blog post is going to REALLY show you how to get the Kim Kardashian religious necklace look for HELLA LESS. And as I become your completely FREE personal fashion accessories stylist, I'm guaranteeing BLISS.


You'll be glad that you came to this site to get your accessories style, saving yourself a grip of cold hard cash while you stunt on the world.


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4 Steps to Channeling Your Inner Kim Kardashian West

The Kim Kardashian Religious Necklace Switch

If you notice, Kim K, switches it up. Sometimes she'll wear just one pendant necklace, sometimes it's two or three. Sometimes the necklace length is short,






sometimes it's long. See? Kim-kardashian-pendant-necklace-1 Fashion Alert.


Fashion Alert. Fashion Youtubers, Fashion Instagrammers, and Fashion Bloggers are recognizing that the Kim Kardashian gold chains jewelry style is one to COVET.


But Whhyyyyyyy???? (asked in the tone of a 5 -year old that only wants to know but why to everything that ever is, or that ever will be). Well, it's not rocket science. Folks want to replicate the look of the Kim Kardashian necklace story because it just looks----extra special. It's like someone made her into royalty. Some might agree with this because after all, she is married to the Louis Vuitton Don.

The Kim Kardashian Religious Necklace – What You Should Know If Nobody Else Does

Do you really know the significance behind what’s carved on the face of those Kim Kardashian pendant necklaces? Is it satanic? illuminati or Cult? Nope. No nightmares or supernatural experiences for you or me Loves. But before we go into what Kim's necklaces mean, let’s quickly get into the prices.



Kim Kardashian Necklace Pieces from the Yezzy & Jacob the Jeweler Collabo



How does $1530 - $13,360 sit WITH YOU? Let me assure you that you read that correctly. Kim generally wears several of the pendants, those are on the highest end price-wise.


That’s five figures a pop. I’ll let you do the math because it really was my least favorite subject in grade school. Fast forward to now and my appreciation of being able to count up my own COINS.


Where Did the Kim Kardashian Religious Necklace Come From?

If you mean who thought it up, I’d probably give the original credit to the Egyptians. They loved to wear substantial brushed gold baubles repping RICHNESS and GRANDEUR. In this case, Kim is the one giving credit to YEEZY, her hubby Kanye West and also to King Jeweler to the Rap world, Jacob the Jeweler.



Kim Kardashian Religious Necklace – Get the Look and Then Some



Let’s just go on and put it out there---to get that EXACT Kim Kardashian religious Necklace Triangle situation; it’s waaaayyyy OVERPRICED. I’ll be the spokesperson for all of us fashionistas who would be greatly satisfied with pulling off a look that’s at least somewhat similar.


We had our folks go out on the hunt for some legit jewelry pieces, and Loves, you won’t believe what we found. Gorgeous brushed gold pendants IN THE SAME SHAPE (gasps*) AND STYLE. Not only that, but we went ahead and took it a step further. How does wearing pendant necklaces that you actually love the meaning of make you feel?



Kim K Pendant Necklace Options

First and foremost, you need to know that you've got options. You can get it in either the rich gold or silver finish. Heck, you can afford to do both with all the money you will have saved. Check out the circular necklace pendant. There’s tiny writing in a circular formatting. It’s the Serenity Prayer.


If you haven’t heard of it, it’s okay. It’s basically a prayer that is supposed to bring you peace and comfort during life’s most challenging of times. There's also one with the Lord's prayer. You could also do a couple of the smaller pendants in Our Lady of Guadalupe. It's all good with her as well. It actually already comes as a set! Be sure to check out the cool review and photo below it. I know.


You could kiss me for being so gushingly thoughtful. Would you mind sending the same kiss sentiment in the form of Edis Elba or Rapper Dave East? Ayyeeee….. On to the next pendant, it’s the triangular one, reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s. We’ve given you a few styles to choose from, and both focus on the evil eye. It symbolizes giving you protection from those who ever mean you harm. It’s like have three eyes on alert instead of two. :o)



Kim Kardashian Necklace - DIY






And since we’re on the subject of the Kim Kardashian medallion necklaces, we’ll just show you some others that take home the title of Most Prized accessory in the world of Kimmie K. to make your fashion accessory shopping all that much easier.







This rhinestone choker necklace on Kim Kardashian is something pretty special. It's a daddy necklace. She wore it to promote her KKW Beauty line, and it was purposefully worn to match her pink lip hue (her line was inspired by pink cherry blossoms).


The statement necklace is not exactly something that you can wear everywhere though. I like the one below, which has the same feel, with an everyday spin. Quite amazing right? It's under $40 too, which makes it way affordable.




The monogram necklace isn’t new, but it manages to remain "like new" because of the many modern fonts that makes this a personalized force to be reckoned with. The one featured with Kim is in a Gothic Font.





The coil necklace. What we love about this choker necklace most is that you get so much bang for your buck. It’s simplistic, but edgy and EXTREMELY flattering to the face, particularly with your hair pulled back or up into infinity Babes.  

Kim Kardashian Necklace - The Tie Up Necklace  






I have to say that I am currently obsessed with this leather-ish cage choker below; specifically in either the gray or beige neutral hues. Get it before it sells out and becomes the next Kim Kardashian religious cult necklace :)



Kim Kardashian Necklace - The String Necklace






It’s kind of there---but not really there, but there. The string necklace offers a sexy subtlety that conveys that you decided to accessorize just a little bit. Coco Channel would surely agree with the minimalism of this one. Coco says:



“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.”



Wait, ALL of this jewelry chatter, but what about the outfit? I. Got. You. Scroll on, and... ACTION. You're now a part of Keeping Up with



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