How to Accessorize and Style Yourself Like an A-List Celebrity

How to Accessorize - Fashion Blog Post

How to accessorize. Okay, so this isn't just any tips for accessorizing an outfit fashion blog post. Today, we’re going to pull off a full-on clothing accessories mission impossible.


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 Want to DIY your jeans like above? Just go HERE Babes.

The A-List celebrities are fortunate enough to have fashion stylists to cover them in head-to-toe exclusive clothing goods, but you're not out there on that non-celebrity ledge alone. You have me.


There's a whole world out there filled with unique fashion accessories that you should be laced and graced with. Call it what you will---Insta-famous, Instagram-worthy, Insta-fabulous. By the end of this blog how-to, you will have learned how to DIY level up your clothing---all on a shoestring budget.

How to Accessorize | Celebrity Stylists That Do it Best

The are many celebrity fashion stylists out there, but they aren't all top level talented enough to create iconic clothing moments. June Ambrose though? She's indisputably one of the gifted. She is the mastermind behind celeb rappers P-Diddy and Mase, and the shiny suit phenomenon. She is also the style brains behind the Beyonce and Jay-Z Apesh*t wardrobe.


And you don't have to be won over by her roster of celebrity clients. Just take a look at what she wears courtesy of her Instagram feed. Try not to want to duplicate what she wears. Chick is about that life. Mel Ottenberg. For those of you who don't know he is the man styles the hell out of mega-star songstress and Fenty Beauty Founder Rihanna.


The whole pearl Chanel glasses thing? Yep. That was all Ottenberg, and he had us sticking fake pearls onto sunnies like hot-glue maniacs. He is an undisputed fashion risk taker of style and this is what makes him who he is; a styling beast. His clients also include Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson. Ready to rock your own real customized apparel? #facts Rihanna does it. Taylor Swift does it. Cardi B does it. Kim Kardashian does it. Beyonce does it, and now so will you.


How to Accessorize | A Denim Jacket

how to accessorize denim jacket -1
Let's use this custom denim jacket from Hannah Beth Fincham as inspo shall we?

painted-denim-jacketA denim jacket can transform into an urban swag item with the addition of some DIY distressing and a few strategically placed cool iron-on patches. Here are a few patches that definitely caught my attention. Get creative and mix and match patches (you can spell out your name or nickname) for a style that becomes all your own. Click on any of the images to make it yours. 



You can even customize a patch with your own monogram for your denim jacket
You can choose any lace trim that you like. arrange it as a border around the main patch.
You can arrange your patches vertically or horizontally for maximum effect.  Another mind-blowing option would be to use simple fabric paint to express your fashion sense or creative point of view. Check out below:
how to accessorize denim jacket with fabric paint
You might already have a plain jacket that you can customize. You can utilize a camouflage jacket, a denim jacket, or even a leather jacket. When you’re done adding that exclusive touch (for newlyweds, a wedding, for an organization or just to rep your girl squad).
That same jacket will look so official and chic. This DIY by BridgetsBudgetBeauty will show you just how writing on your jacket should be done (please note that in lieu of using carbon paper, I would do the outline in chalk first, then use a fabric paint brush to apply the fabric paint over it. Don't forget to Follow and subscribe to us both :)
Here are some even cooler patches: DM us on our Instagram Page or Email us to send you an invoice
cool patch

How to Accessorize | A Basic Sweater or Tee shirt

A $10 sweater gets fly-girl embellishments and it suddenly looks as if you paid a few hundred dollars for it. Let’s get into it below: This patch on a simple white sweater? It's trompe-l'oeil amazingness indeed.


Who doesn’t want to feel extra special by wearing something that they absolutely love? To have on clothes that make you TYPE DIFFERENT? Yes, #girlsbelike that’s uniquely me Goals.









How to Accessorize | Women’s Bags

Here's the scenario. You dress well, and you're infatuated with wearing great clothing accessories. But what if you can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a women’s designer handbag? It’s simple. You get a cheap bag and swag the heck out of it.



fake Chanel

Fashionista Sonique Saturday was definitely onto something impressive when she decided to create her fashion accessories company. She pretty much transforms fabulous fakes into way cool It-girl bags.


If her price tag doesn’t intimidate your bank account, then go for it for sure. But...if you’re determined to pay less, you can Grafitti Bag DIY (big thanks to its AdrianCaprice) your own bags with a catchy phrase that you’ve come up with all by yourself. Believe me, it's going to be thant much more gratifying when people ask you where you purchase



How to Accessorize - Women’s jeans, Women's Denim Shirts

patchLet's begin with jeans. Place these wherever you want, but don't go overboard. While you're working on making these pants amazing, go on and DIY Distress your jeans a bit as well. Want to purchase our Itgirlaccessories Cool Patch Kit? You get all of the patches pictured, and you can iron them on or sew them on. The kit is $19.99. Send us an email and we'll shoot you over a quick invoice.

How to Accessorize | Your Shoes

shoe clipsLadies, this next how to accessorize suggestion is about to change the shoe game. Do you know that you can add shoe clips and or embellishments for a mere fraction of the cost of buying completely new shoes? Yesssss, they're interchangeable and way more stylish than they could ever be.


shoe clips 2



Shoe clips are basically jewelry for your shoes. They easily clip onto your existing shoes to give you a unique footwear look. It can be women's heels or women's flats. Whether you want to amp up the shoes that are already in your closet, or go out and buy some new inexpensive ones.


Go for it. Then go GLAM. Most of these shoe clips are $15 or less babes. Look how high end the above lace pumps are now. Nope, you can't tell me nothin.' And let's not forget to include some jackets and such for you to work on your DIY projects. Here's a round-up of my personal picks, all affordable, all for you.

Well, they say that all good things must come to an end, so this concludes my How to Accessorize blog post—-at least for now. I hope that I’ve managed to show you how you can be A-List Celebrity for less. See you next time; same website, different week. XOXO, 



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