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Best 2020 Fashion Trends
Fashion with style. Right now, we're steadily moving into the warm weather months. Have you decided what your clothing vibe is going to be for the warm weather season? And while this particular girl, (Achickfromharlem) is comfortable with slipping into a cutesy Fashion Nova fit, she also believes that there NEEDS to be SOMETHING MORE to define a look. Listen, nobody wants to be out in these streets looking like a carbon copy of the next girl strolling by her. So let's get into it. I'm introducing you to the BOMB AF Clothing Accessories that will put you in a fashion-do league of your very own. Let's gooooo...

Fashion With Style

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Cute DIY Nails and Fancy Feet

Fashion with style can easily be accomplished on a budget. Yup. It can start with something as simple as items that you probably already have in your closet---Check your nail color(s)---and your sneaker inventory.
neon-polish I'm obsessed with this marbled DIY neon kit of colors for a different nail design spin. Click the photo to buy Babes.
neon-nail-colors Or you can go with the solid neon nail hues,
And if you want to get GROWN on them A few coats of this amazing flecked nail polish will get it done and still have you NEON coordinating. And not owning these two items isn't the biggest deal-breaker because you can definitely score both at a really good price. And there's another upside. You rotate these clothing accessories with other outfits.

Fashion With Style Sneaker Edition

custom-vans-womens-sneakers These are Custom Vans Sneakers Boondocks meets Gucci. Can you say Birthday Drip? Click the pic to make them Yours.
I hope that you didn't think we were done when it comes to the topic of sneakers and fashion with style. It's just one of those clothing accessories that I believe deserve more shine. Here's another advantage of wearing them. You can get them customized---as in the chances are next to none that anyone else will be wearing identical kicks.

Bag Lady

fashion with stylefashion with style

You can find these fashion crossbody bags right here for under $20 bucks. And any one of the bags below are convo-starters and It Girl approved:

This Tomboy trucker hat is sooooooo laid back LIT. I'd wear this with distressed anything accompanied with baddie shoes. Hats ON for this one

baddie-hat-2020 Click the photo to buy Babes

Can we take a sec to STOP and STARE at the gorgeousness that is the below flecked nail polish by One Off? (it's been applied over dark nail polish.


As far as trends and fashion shoes for women go, expect to see lace up shoes out and about. And it's with good reason.

They're super sexy and they compliment the legs. I've added a few of my picks in this blog post. Get them while they're still available:

lace-up-heels-2020 This also comes in a snakeskin print
Now, what would one wear with these sweet heels? Well, I've rounded up a few options below for you. I like the idea of mixing a structured blazer (the blazer should cover your backside. If you don't, this look could come off as cheap) and stretch pants.So I was thinking... Have you ever thought of using tulle as a clothing accessory? Girl. You can purchase a wrap around and wear it over skinny jeans, poom-poom shorts (especially if you're the modest type who still wants to style flex) or whatever. They come in assorted colors and different lengths in the front. Here's another fuller tulle skirting option :mrgreen:
jeans-and-tulle Click the photo to buy

Here's a pic to give you the idea I was going with:

fashion with style
womens-corset-belt-2020 Tell me this sparkly corset belt this isn't a hit-the-club/boat ride/just-being-that-extra-chick banger. Click the photo to buy it right this second.


First and foremost are these UNEXPECTED kelly green tie-up heels. And nope, "she" ain't trying to wear them to a wedding. How about rocking them with your favorite jeans? lace-up-shoes-trends-2020 fashion with style

The above photo (peep the straps around the jeans) is the one that inspired me to no end...

I also totally have the FEELS for this palm-tree inspired purse. I think it would look amazing with a spring/summer dress, or you can wear it as a pop of color in style fashion now accessory. Here are some more of my you've-got-to-be-seen-in-green bag selections:

Here's another lace-up shoe that shows instyle fashion. It's a block heel, so they're made to be comfortable, and this RICH shade of gray is bananas.


I'd pair these shoes with a denim dress. Casual but still way CUTE.

tie-up-sandals-2020 Here's a comfy lace-up flats option. Click on the shoe photo for more info. There are more colors available. Do you like? fashion with style Call me CRAZY, but I had to add these pumps in the fashion styles list. I think they're so UNIQUE. I mean, the colors, the tassel detail---the leopard print combo. And no, these aren't just for you to wear to the office. I'd VAMP these up by wearing it with a bustier top. Check out what I put together for you on the scroll...

fashion with style These shoes are so modern woman pump, aren't they? The SHAPE and the ANGLED heel completely makes it amazing, AND they come in a variety of colors. I'd wear this with a good quality legging and an over-sized white button-down top...with the collar PURPOSEFULLY flipped up.

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