Unicorn Trend 2020 – Or Why Grown Adults Love a Horse with a Horn

Unicorn Trend 2020 – Or Why Grown Adults Love a Horse with a Horn

The Unicorn Trend 2020 is a definite “thing.” Unicorns can best be described as a MYTHICAL (not real) horse with a straight horn projecting from its forehead.


But try and convince that they're just pretend to the scores of people in this world who think differently. People enjoy and fully embrace the idea of unicorns. Go on ahead and type unicorn lovers into Google’s search box.


You’ll get nearly four million results. Shocking right? That was my reaction too, and then I delved a little deeper and Unicorn lost my mind with wonder.


Keep reading to see the finds that transformed me into everything magical and pastel-colored.



unicorn-photo This unicorn is colorless, yet it makes you believe in sophisticated dreaming right Sis?

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Unicorn Trend 2020 – People Take It Very Seriously


Light it up, light it up. This stand-alone unicorn light would look spectacular as a backdrop in videos or as creative INSPO on a shelf.



So what’s the draw for unicorn lovers? Most would probably agree that they’re pretty mesmerizing to look at; with that white pure-as-the driven-snow hair, and that cascading mane which is more than not in rainbow hues.


Well, this Fashion Blogger tends to think that the unicorns appeal is linked to what it represents at any age---the idea that anything is possible; if only you BELIEVE.



Click pic to buy this winged belt bag now Babes




Now that we’ve established what makes unicorns uniquely special, let’s have some real fun. Let’s get into the intangible magical element of unicorn accessories, accessories that will have us galloping with delight wherever we are, all caught up in our MY-LITTLE-PONY feelings.



Unicorn Trend 2020 – Unicorn Jewelry




Wearing unicorn jewelry is a statement in itself. It means that you are a part of that unicorn gang and you want everyone to know it.


As a matter of fact, you would probably candidly reply yes if asked any of the following questions:


Do you like rainbows?

Do you like to wear pastels?

Are you an optimist?

Are you a fan of fairy tales?

Don’t laugh, you and I both know that this is probably as true AF.


Oh, and before you start with the list, here's the cutest golden unicorn jewelry box to hold your unicorn accessories and positive affirmations in. Here's one to get you started:


No one is you, and that is YOUR superpower.



Unicorn belly rings, for real? If it's a piece of jewelry then it's out there for the getting.

It's all amazing, right? Unicorn rings and things. Even unicorn ear cuffs and bag charms like the one here exist.



Unicorn Trend 2020 – Unicorn Hair




I’m really interested in hearing your thoughts on this one. Do you think that some chicks are taking their love of unicorns too far by wearing unicorn multi-colored hair?


(and no, I don’t mean coloring the hair for a magazine editorial, Halloween, a kids party, or a fashion photoshoot).


I won't have any of you coming for me because of a hair dye job gone haywire, so I'll stick to the temporary unicorn hair color suggestions. Easy-peeasy. Here's the chalk method. You can do the hair chalk pen or the comb, and they will work on any hair


color: hair-chalk-1



Click the photo to get this look Babes

This is a really TAME but GORGEOUS pink color right?







And this lace unit is unicorn wig at its very BEST

For my ladies with braids or twists. Look - Unicorn colored hair accessories.






unicorn thorn

Unicorn Trend 2020 – Unicorn Shoes



unicorn trend 2020-sneakers

 Love this new sneaker DRIP. Holographic Vibes.

I have to hand it to whoever is so bold. Putting my feet inside of unicorn shoes in public takes dedication alright.


Now tell me, where exactly are you going again? I hope that it’s to a bed, where it’s perfectly acceptable to unicorn dream.


And then I came across these unicorn fashion finds. Would any of these be acceptable to go out in for you?



Adorbs. And these women's unicorn slippers light up! As a snuggly alternate, you can go with these black unicorn slippers.



Unicorn Accessories – Unicorn Hat




It’s a unicorn party and no one else is invited but you and your unicorn. Picture your reflection in the mirror. How could one not smile, feel upbeat and bright and-eyed?


There are so many variations on the unicorn hat, which I like. You could even do a unicorn headband adults style.


That would be really cauuutee don’t you think? Take a look at these unicorn accessory picks:





I particularly like this accessory. Part street style, part unicorn lover







This unicorn hat scarf combo will make you dedicated to unicorn fashion, but it still isn't a unicorn accessories costume.


That would be A LOT outside of October 31st.

This hoodie is super cute. Less in-your-face Unicorn.



Unicorn Trend 2020 – Unicorn Nails


unicorn-nail-art-diy T


his might be a trend that I would readily hop on without any hesitation. I somehow feel like anyone can indulge in their playful, whimsical side without being unicorn-accessories judged; if that makes any sense to you. So heel yeah---we into unicorn nails.



Click the pic to NAB these Bomb AF Unicorn Nails

Below are a few of my favorite looks. I think that anyone of them would look amazing with a pastel blazer and matching colored skinny jeans during the spring and or summer season.


Add some strappy sandals and WHAT. No one would be able to me nothin.’


Let's begin with this BOMB holographic nail polish (click on the pic to cop it now). There are actually quite a few shades but here is another holographic nail glitter polish hue which caught my eye:




There are also unicorn nail decals, and nail sequins to jazz up your nail job.



Unicorn Trend 2020 – Unicorn Makeup and Unicorn Brushes



It's all about the use of unicorn makeup and unicorn makeup brushes and the thought of something magical happening.


In my mind, with these beauty tools in tow, it means that you’re going to succeed in pulling off a very FLAWLESS MAKEUP APPLICATION.



Those colorful uniform makeup kit brushes will probably move by themselves as they whisk across your face. Hey, and even if they don’t, your brush swipes at least, will be beautiful.








Unicorn Accessories – Unicorn Bag



Who doesn't need a bag to tote around their essentials? Since we're on this unicorn theme, I figured I'd add a few unicorn handbags into the mix.


I learned a few things along the way while doing so. Who knew that Louboutin made a unicorn purse?


unicorn trend 2020




Unicorn Accessories – Unicorn DIY



So get this. I have just become a UNICORN BELIEVER. The Superdrug YouTube video below is the reason why. FACTS. I really mean it.



I want this full unicorn face beat for tomorrow morning as I run around completing my extremely mundane errands. I believe that I will possess the ability to make everyone happy who I interact with everyone from my grocer----to my very skilled bikini waxer.



This is how I would like to make my mark on humanity, triggering the smiles of one person at a time.


I’ll have to see how it goes, but I’d be willing to apply my makeup the same way each day after, for as long as I have breath in my lungs. You know the drill, check her out---subscribe to us both if you will.




That’s about it folks. Has this fashion blog post inspired you to rock any unicorn accessories, no matter which one above?


If so, SEND UNICORN PICS. And don’t be surprised if one of them lands you on a featured post on my Itgirlaccessories.com Instagram page you gorgeous girl/guy YOU. Share this post with any friend that you know would be so into this unicorn topic.



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