10 EASY Baddie DIY Halloween Nails---That Will Have You SHOOK

10 EASY Baddie DIY Halloween Nails---That Will Have You SHOOK

So it's Halloween Nails time....and I created this Fashion Blog Post just for you. This ChickfromHarlem is determined to not let a pandemic steal ALL of our joy. I don't care if you not able to go trick or treating on the outside, you can still do something fun and fashionable. And then I thought... Halloween DIY Nails.


Yaasss... to My Ultimate Top 10 Halloween nail designs DIY picks..... Oh, did I mention that these Halloween Nails will be Super EASY???? 


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1. I'm FANNING out over this first Halloween Nail Art Design for sure. It's simple, but still cool--cool enough to wear even if it's not Halloween frankly. Girrrl. Hold the phone. These are press-ons. DIY nails delivered right to your doorstep. Go Baddie BATTY Sis.... You can nab the full Batty Set here





2. And then there's this Spider web woman set. It's giving that, isn't it? and if you love color and you're not into having all black nails this unique halloween Nails set is a keeper. You can get them here





3. Boo. Boo. No, like seriously Boo, what's not to love about this set of ghoulish press-ons? These are the CUTEST. I would wear these until they all fell off of my fingers I'm thinking....Here you go Babes.





4.These ghosts are as fly as Casper and they rock too. You can get these in a Coffin Shape Halloween Nails Design Style or an Almond Shaped Halloween Nails Design Style. Purchase these here

Okay, one last ghost nails set that I am currently stalking.....





5. So you all know that DIY nails at home isn't the same without bringing Amazon nails into the fold. This set as shown above is my fave. There's also a set if you like pumpkins and cool gray tones. Kiss delivers yet again, right on time to get you together for some Amazon Halloween Nails....Some are matte black, some are glitter, and they glow in the dark. All for under $20.  






6. Don't feel like investing in anything long-term, but want to have fun on the cheap-cheap? These Halloween nail stickers are the answer. You'll have these Halloween nail decals for many Halloween holidays to come too....







7. Gory Halloween Nails Ideas can't be left our because there are some of us who like the horror factor more than others. If you're not at all squeamish, DO YOU with this blood curdling Halloween Nail Art design.







8. Of course you can always just get a set of press-on like the ones pictured above, and apply the spooky Halloween nail decals of your choice. Get the nails here, and the Halloween nail stickers here.





You could also just get this PERFECT orange Halloween Hue by OPI and still flex on them with hue and shine.....







9. Where my Goth Chicks at? If you love going gothic not only on Halloween, but all year long, then this gothic nails design DIY is for you. You gotta love the press-ons...






10. Who likes candy corn as a Halloween treat? If it's you then have I got a set of Halloween press-on nails for you. Just don't try to eat them :). Here you go.


I hope that you enjoyed this DIY Halloween Nails Designs post. There's so much that you can do with these ideas. You and your friends could have a contest, show it off on Zoom or social media! Anyway, whatever you decide, just have a good one and be safe.





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