Earring Backs Review – Or Why I Hated My Ears with A Vengeance Until Now

Earring Backs Review – Or Why I Hated My Ears with A Vengeance Until Now

Earring backs. Really??? An entire fashion blog post on earring backs AchickfromHarlem? #Facts. My earring holes were so abnormally placed that I felt like a leper. I like to think that I have a good heart and do right by others, but I swear it feels like an ear curse has been cast upon me.


Thirty additional measly seconds; it may have been all that my ear piercer needed to take to ensure that the holes that she was making were symmetrical. Didn't happen. Both are aligned too low, teetering too far near the border of my ears. I felt stuck, destined to live out the rest of my days on this earth with earrings that would never receive their full glory.


Women's earrings are made to be seen. I mean, me, in statement earrings; was laughable, like comedian-Chris-Rock-headlining-at-Madison-Square-Garden laughable. I’m sure that many of you will tell me that it’s not even that serious. However, this is where I would beg to differ. Ears are important. Okay, so there’s the whole we use them to hear thing; that's obvi.


But they're also an essential part of fashion, particularly if you’re into accessorizing. Or if *cough* you happen to be an enterprising fashion accessories blogger. Anyways, I can’t believe that it took decades to find this non-surgical solution. Fashionistas, this fix is so good that I have to share. Keep reading to get the deets on precisely what I did.



Earring Backs – 99 Problems But Ear Surgery Ain’t One

Ha. No surgery needed. I did my share of research for this blog post, and what I learned was that I wasn’t alone. As it relates to the topic of the ear disaster thing, (bad earring hole placement, stretched earlobes, torn earlobes) many women are suffering. Have you ever seen a photo of a torn earlobe? Not pretty. It’s hard to look at without preparing yourself, I know.


If surgery seems more appealing to you at this point then go for it. Reconstructive earlobe surgery costs range anywhere from $300-$1000. Most insurance carriers won’t cover the costs, but the ear repair procedure itself seems to be relatively uncomplicated.


This article on how to fix ripped earlobes by Talia Abbias from Self Magazine accurately sums up the experience best in my opinion. And for those of you who say to get some clip-on earrings, no thanks. Those things hurt after a while. Speaking of which, you have to read this one woman's eye-opening earring journey here.

Earring Backs – No More Drama


Unlike the above paragraph, I am hoping and wishing on everything that your earlobes are still intact like mines. If your lobes are good and the holes are just sort of stretchy or out of whack then consider it a celebration. I should preface this section by stating that there are a lot of earring backs types in existence. But this one appears to reign superior.


You’re going to want to blow your speakers out and sing Mary J Blige’s No More Drama tune for this one. and just so that you know, let me tell you that this is in no way a sponsored post. I paid for this item using my own coins. It’s a product called Magic Bax. It has changed me for the better since I’ve been wearing them for the past three weeks now, and I’m not looking back ever again.


What are Magic Bax Earring Backs?


So... Magic Bax made something so complicated---really simple. The company basically created earring backs with an added piece which was crafted to stabilize any earring. It miraculously gives it an instant lift and makes the earring look attractive and prominent on the ear. The product touts that it was designed especially for people like me who have ear woes with:
  • Heavy Earrings
  • Bad Piercings
  • Stretched Lobes
  • Statement Earrings

I know the burning question that's on everyone's mind. How Do you use Magic Bax Earring Lifters? You’re going to love this. You use Magic Bax like you would any earring backs. Just push them onto the back of the earring with the heart end right side up lying flat. Check out the video demo for a better visual:


Earring Backs Support Method

It will feel secure, and you will notice the difference straight away. And for all of the cynics out there, I’d like for you to know that I read plenty of reviews before making my purchase. I will add that most of the feedback was positive. But there were a few reviews which ranked lower from folks who said that the Magic Bax didn’t stay put.


They basically want earring backs that don't fall out. Guess what? Magic Bax initially did the same thing on one of my ears.

This only reminded me of my ear self-hatred. btw, thank you for trying Ms. Ear piercer, who I no longer hold a grudge against. I was probably wailing and spazzing out as young AchickfromHarlem, just 2 years old with an attitude. Perhaps if I was more still you would have had a better aim with that earring gun.

Here’s the easy solution. Use one of those clear rubber ends at the end of the Magic Bax. They’re called earring stoppers. I’ve inserted a picture above. You probably already have them lying around in your jewelry box. If not, then check out the above link, gorgeous ones.


Your earring backs will not move again unless you move them. Oh, and Magic Bax if you’re listening, add those little earring stopper pieces with your customer orders and you probably won’t receive as many grumbles. Ladies (and gents), this invention has enhanced how I accessorize in every way. I wear a platinum blonde bob and I’m over-the-moon elated about being able to rock my sizeable diamond studs like I’ve always wanted to. Believe me when I say that you will be happy.


I have even been sleeping with my stud earrings because they are that comfortable (you certainly don't have to do the same). I don't feel them on, long-term, so far. Did I mention how affordable they are?


You get two pairs of hypo-allergenic backs for under $25.00 one in sterling silver, one in gold plated. And just so you know, there are Magic Bax Earring Backs dupes out there that I can’t vouch for. So Buyer beware. So yeah, as per songstress Teyana Taylor. Keep that same energy. The proof speaks for itself. Check out my personal before and after Babes...




Before I wind up this post, I want to tell you that I encourage everyone to love themselves as they are. I do love me. This blog entry was written in a humorous tone, based on the "unimportant little things about ourselves" that we as humans tend to obsess about.


I am very grateful indeed, to have a set of ears that are in good working order. I am grateful that I have ears which even allow me to wear any earrings, earring backs, or clip-ons. Hold up, wait a minute. How can I say goodbye without offering up a selection of EPIC women's earrings studs picks? Can you ever forgive me? Here you go my loves.....Enjoy.

Until next time, xoxo, 


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