Cartier Love Bracelet – Addicted Because That Ish Be Callin Me


Cartier Love Bracelet addicted. There’s a sugary sweet story behind its beginnings in the year of 1969, when someone came up with the idea to create a piece of jewelry that could be given to their one true love, screwed and placed onto their wrist.


With all that it signifies, it makes it kind of easy to understand how a girl could start out with just one single Cartier Love Bangle---but want and NEED to have several others to flex and jingle upon her most delicate wrist. People want to know from the very start.


How did you get yourself a Cartier Love Bracelet girl? Was it bought from the Cartier Store? Maybe she received it as a gift from someone, or perhaps she treated herself to the nail head designed bracelet accessory widely recognized by fashion lovers everywhere. Retailers call it the point of purchase---not that it really matters. All we know is that we want to bracelet-layer-up, like a master chef working at a bakery.

Cartier Love Bracelet Types

Here’s the quick rundown. The Love Bracelet Cartier is like one of the ultimate classic bracelets for women. Chances are that this particular bracelet category is the most familiar to any jewelry shopper. Not to sound like an old geezer, but it’s the one selection that you can’t go wrong with because of its cherished, time-honored style.


Even with the above being true, believe it or not, there are 38 versions of the Cartier Love Bracelet. Yes, 38. The colors vary. Think yellow gold, pink gold, white gold. All 18 carat. Go with the basic model, or add on the bells and whistles from there. You can get it with or without diamonds; with a single diamond, or in a high-roller diamond pave.


If your heart so desires, you can even lace your bangle with sapphires, garnets, amethysts, or aquamarine stones. The sky is the limit, and Cartier has thought of it all, including creating a link bracelet with a mini-Cartier charm and an all in one double Cartier Love Bracelet, both of which I am not a fan of. There's just something about a classic that sometimes doesn't compare.


Cartier Love Bracelet Lengths and Width – Let’s Talk About It

First off, there’s Cartier Love for everyone. If you want a narrow bangle there's narrow, and if you want a wider bangle there's wider. There are closed bracelets(16cm – 21cm), and adjustable bracelets for individuals with more of a wider wrist. Need help with sizing do you? Not a problem. I’m providing you with this handy-dandy and very much free Cartier Wrist Sizer. You’re welcome.



Cartier Love Bracelet - So What’s the Screwdriver For?

Well, it’s a locking mechanism. You use the screwdriver provided to tighten the screw on this women’s bracelet. And when it’s on, it’s on, whether you like it or not. Fortunately, there aren't many dislikes related to Cartier. If there were then it certainly wouldn't be so popular right?



Cartier Love Bracelet Prices - Based on website



JLO is wrong about Love NOT Costing a thing in this case. Be prepared to do some spending. The Cartier link bracelet above is one of the least expensive at $1680. I know, not quite the one that you had in mind.


You were thinking of something in more of a bangle version right? The one below is the narrowest width. The price tag is $4050 (that's not including sales tax ya'll).

Okay. I know what you want. You want to see the kind that celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and those Basketball Wives girls wear. They're the wider version, and that'll run you $6300, or $6750 for the white gold. Yes, that's for one. Evelyn Lozada has mixed in the Juste Un Clou bracelets (it literally means just a nail) with her Cartier Love Bracelets. That's $6800 for the basic one.


I'll let you do the math because she could've bought into an entire franchise like Claire's Accessories or something for the total amount of money spent on her wrist candy. But hey, if you got it, wear it huh? :) Kylie Jenner's got the money and she's a fan of Cartier Jewelry too.


Prepare to be shocked regarding the REAL reason why she had to force herself to finally depart from her beloved Cartier Love Bracelets of 4 plus years. Peep the YouTube video provided by Kyliesnapz. Subscribe and follow Babes.


Cartier Love Bracelet basketball Wives juste-un-clou-bracelet

Are you on the lookout for some authentic Cartier Love Bangles? Have you got some cash stashed away or a wad of money in your purse ready to be spent on something lavish? That's Awesome. Check out the below by all means :0) :

Cartier Love Bracelet Stacks - Ideas for the Fashionista



Here are some Cartier Bracelet Stacks Ideas for you to have fun with and look at. You'll probably even want to use some of them if you choose to go another accessory brand route. Speaking of which, this brings us to the next topic of Cartier replicas and inspired jewelry. Keep reading with no guilt if I've piqued your interest...
Cartier Love Bracelet Replica



So let's confront the big pink elephant in this cyber room. As a Fashion Accessories Blogger, how do I feel about Cartier replicas and inspired Cartier Love jewelry? Listen, I feel like not EVERYONE can afford to get pricey designer accessories looks.


And even if you could, there very well could be something else more important to you---something else that you might want to spend your hard-earned money on. While I'd go with originals as much as possible, there is another method to accessorizing. AchickfromHarlem believes in being inspired. I'm not telling you to hit up your nearest swap meet for the latest Gucci bag, but please do, get as creative as you can.


You can often get a similar look or create a look that is more unique to who you are. Let's use the celebrity look above as a prime example. In conclusion, I'd have to say that you can definitely get the same look and it will cost you so much less by merely making use of inspired jewelry. We're talking stacks on stacks of bangles!




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