Cardi B - How to Make Your Fake Fashion Jewelry Accessories Last Forevvaa...

Cardi B - How to Make Your Fake Fashion Jewelry Accessories Last Forevvaa...

Cardi B Forever, or How to make fake jewelry last longer is what has this blog post POPPin'. Cardi B is annihilating the hip hop charts, isn't she?

Something tells me that this young rap starlet who is known for always keeping things so real is going to be around for a long time.

Can you identify the classic line in this classic Love and Hip HopNew York reality TV show video clip (provided by Washpoppin TV) below?


Cardi b - #RealChickProblems

LoL. Say what you will, but this chick is candid, the realest---even when you don't like what she's saying or the manner of how she delivers the message.

This How to preserve costume jewelry post is dedicated to the lively spirit of Cardi b and FOREVVAA keeping it real. We've all experienced some form of the problem at some point, and I'm sure that I'm not alone.

I purchase (and or want) the most AMAZING fashion jewelry accessories either online or in the retail stores. The next thing I know, they start fading, rusting and changing colors on me---and it becomes instantly unwearable.

I don't know who to point the blame finger at, but RIP; those items ultimately end up being TRASHED placed in a final resting place where they're never to be seen or worn again.


Cardi B - Faded. What Would She Do Say?

Cardi b would flat out tell you that I'm the one to blame for the jewelry accessories neglect. I won't even argue the point because I know that I'm wrong.

Why would I, knowing what I do? Cardi would only beat me over the head with her truth, facts. She'd tell me how faux (ok, Cardi wouldn't say faux), she'd say how much FAKE fashion accessories were a huge part of her world before her BLOOD SHOES and diamond swag.


Cardi B Approved - Costume Jewelry Fashion Hacks:

Jewelry Protectant Spray

#1 You may have seen this info elsewhere as a fashion accessories hack to preserve fashion jewelry, but I'll just tell you that slapping on a coat of clear nail polish isn't the wisest method.

The best tactic involves investing in a single can of this. It's under $10.00, great on metal, wood, wicker, and more, and you'll be able to get much more use out of it.

Just hang your jewelry on a string inside of a shoe box and spray to get a smooth even coat that will make your jewelry accessories ) I'm infatuated with saying this, Cardi B Last---- Forever.

DIY how to make fake jewelry last longer spray Click to Buy Protective Polyurethane Spray Here Now

#2 Store your fashion jewelry and accessories like you care---or at least make a genuine attempt to. Here's why. When you toss a bunch of fashion jewelry together in the same place it gets tangled and the untreated metals mix, causing them to tarnish way sooner than they should.

As a solution, here's a bomb jewelry storage hack from Lorraine on Pinterest. Get your DIY jewelry holder on or take the easier route and get a ready-made jewelry storage holder that I personally recommend.

Either option is a better one that will make your fashion accessories and jewelry Cardi B Last--- Forever. Lovekissess99 shares a detailed DIY on How to Keep Your Costume Jewelry From Tarnishing. She tells you how to save your fake jewelry with rhinestones and everything. Follow her Babes...


How to keep fake gold jewelry from fading - But what if your jewelry has already lost its golden metallic color and shine? I've got a solution for that as well. Check it below:

#3 Replate Costume Jewelry gold-plating-restore-kit Or what if you have sensitive skin and can't wear fake jewelry? Oh YES YOU CAN. Save your money and get that trendy jewelry or whatever else you fashion jewelry desire.

This stuff is unbelievable: #4 jewelry-shield


#5 And Shoes aren't jewelry, but oh don't we cherish them too ladies? ABOUT those crispy white sneakers (Cardi's would be Yeezy's or Gucci Platform sneakers).

Don't you just hate it when someone mistakenly steps on your feet, or if you get caught in the rain, or if you happen to get an accidental scuff across your new fresh kicks?

fashion jewelry and accessories Click To Buy These Shoe Covers Now. Would You Ever Be Down With the Sneaker Cover? Comment below if you would.

Here are some more modern women's rain shoes/shoe covers. I love that they come in so many colors and how easy they are to take and or put away when you're on the go: rain-shoes-cover-cool-for-women


#6 Here's another great protective fix. Use this to keep your sneakers and shoes squeaky clean. It works on leather, suede, nubuck and even fabric. This is one must-try hack that will make your fashion accessories and jewelry Cardi B Last---Forever.


Cardi B - Her Favorite Fashion Accessories


Cardi b And about those BLOOD Shoes. Cardi revealed that she got her very first pair for her 19th birthday from an admirer at a strip club where she worked. At the time she was amazed at the $800 price tag.

The most she had paid for shoes was the $300 she had spent on a pair of Jeffrey Campbells. When Christian Louboutin Met Card B. Well not really met-met.

We did a little research and uncovered a New York Times interview with THEE, HE, HIM Christian Louboutin himself. He was asked how he felt about the Raptress and her love of the brand (Cardi owns over 90 pairs so far) as repped in her Bodak Yellow bloody shoes reference.

Girrrrl. You'll never guess what CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN SAID.

And While we're on the subject of Cardi b and her fashion accessories, can we just speak on the pendant chain that she received from her rumored Migos Boo?

I mean REALLY. First of all, it's laced with diamonds and was created to mimic her hand gesture. Peep it. 20 karats in diamonds on the pendant and then add on another 15 karats for the diamonds dripping on the chain.

It was all love, an agreed jewelry collaboration between the two lovebirds with Offset picking up the $60K tab at the end of the day. Avianne & Co Jewelers supplied the blingy goods.



And how does a girl show her man gratitude and thanks in the most fashionable of ways? For Cardi b, that would be with the new design on her nails. Jenny Bui of Nails 7th in New York City created the gem-encrusted colorful custom design.

Like everything in this blog post, the love has got to be real. Offset is on fingernails, and Cardi b put that on EVERYTHING. What would you do for the D Love?


cardi-b-nails That's about it on maintaining fashion jewelry folks. We hope that you liked this Cardi B themed post with a takeaway on how to keep fake jewelry from rusting. I hope that you come back often knowing that real recognizes real. I hope I made you smile in the process.


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