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Birthday Crown yourself, give yourself complete permission. She's Your Queen Urban Princess to Be...... Crown jewels yourself, even if you don't live in a huge CASTLE with a backdrop of grassy green rolling hills. Even if you're not a Disney character.

Birthday Crown yourself, even if no one asked you to, even if you're not R&B singer Chris Brown's daughter ROYALTY. Birthday Crown yourself, even if you're not presently feeling at all like anything about you is cute or REGAL. Just have the belief that once you do, you'll feel like the crown princess that you are.


Have a little faith in this fashion blogger who focuses on accessories. Just know that when I tell you that that once you wear this regal accessory, you won't want to give it back. Why surely I JEST? Me thinketh NOT. The Birthday Crown is being worn alright, and it's selling at the speed of light, all over the place. Nobody has to lie about this major fashion accessories statement that you should be taking ownership of, STAT.


Look what I've uncovered like a fashionista Prime Time Diane Sawyer---they're even sold out here. If that's not a solid FACT then tell me what is.


Since When Did the Birthday Crown Become a Fashion Accessory?

Birthday Crown If we go back back in history, all you really need to know is that crowns always stood out as a symbol of power, righteousness, legitimacy, honor and victory. If you break down all of the Game of Thrones big words, this simply means that you're a BAWSE in millennial terms.


Yes, that means that you're a true go-getter, some might even go as far as to say that you were ordained by the Gods to be in charge, taking life by the reigns.

The Birthday Crown Today



When you think gold crown, it's that metallic headpiece spiked out with gems right? Not necessarily so, not as it applies to the definition of what a modern day Urban Princess wears. On this one, we're going to go with calling it one of those hair accessories that makes you feel really good. BTW (see above), any crown included in this blog post qualifies


. Need one now, and into DIY hair accessories? Well send Crafty Superstar a from-the-bottom-of-your-very-heart thank you card and include some fancy fonts.


We adore her because she's providing us all with a DIY Pipe Cleaner project to do our own THING. Imagine wearing your own glitzy head-wear at a girls night out, a themed party, or just because. Go ornate and go all out.



The Rundown - Who Birthday Crown Rocked It on Harlemchick's Fashion Blog?


Here's the rundown of this fab featured blog post:
  • Celebrity who ROCKED it - The late great BIG, Biggie Smalls. And that TILT? It's EVERYTHING iconic. As one of the best rappers that ever lived, the title of Hip Hop King of this Brooklynite is oh-so-well deserved. Biggie may not be with us anymore, but we all know that his memory and music will live on in us and generations to come forever.
  • The Best Blogger who ROCKED it - Style Blogger Jacquelyn Clark from brings everything with a twist. We love it on her (with a special DIY assist from Being able to bring your own spin on any accessory will always make you an original. It's a quality that's very commendable.

The Flower Crown

  • The flower crown is probably one of the candy sweetest things you'll ever know of as far as hair accessories are concerned. It's so the age of innocence. The flower crown is the most casual of crown jewels. Think connecting flower buds to a random vine and wrapping it around your head.
  • You'd want to wear one at any hippy "wild child" event or concert, to a wedding, or with beachwear. It's also the best choice of you want to throw on your favorite jeans and head out to the mall as well. They come in a variety of colors, everything from a soft blush pink, to a dark and gothic black.

The Braid Crown Rules

  • Need it NOW - The BRAID CROWN. It's crazy easy to do. Check out our featured vlogger how-to YouTube video and get to braiding. The braid Crown is actually something that you can do now. If you want it to be fuller, you can always add a pack of braiding hair from your local beauty supply store.

Celebrities like Ciara, Katy Perry, and more have been spotted out wearing this popular hair accessories trend, and it's one that I predict will be around for a very long time to come.


And because Instagrammers are the new celebrity, look at what Instagram favorite hairbymisskellyo called Ferris Wheel. This Braid Crown is so rainbow pretty that you won't be able to stop gazing at the page.


  • The technique is perfect for automatic regal-ness or girly flower power fun. By the way, everybody please subscribe to FAB YouTuber chicks Miya March and Amber Fillup. Send me your pics after you complete the tutorials so I can see how you did. I just might add you to this post so that you can get your Crown Braid shine on :)

But wait. There's more. Have you ever.ever.ever. had a fantasy wanting to be a SNOW QUEEN? Dare I say it, but I truly have. When I came across this YouTube tutorial by Dorota MUA (follow and subscribe). I nearly passed out. Ya'll look:



You know what? Let's keep this fashion accessories headwear par-taaay going. You are cordially invited to enjoy and turn Remy-Ma All the way up...




accessory post was recently updated. Until next time Babes, 


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