Ultimate Women's Vans Sneakers 2020---Why Itgirls Prefer Keeping it SIMPLE

Womens Vans Sneakers 2020. Vans shoes for women they’re LITERALLY, at every turn here in New York City----and none of the females that I see are balancing atop a skateboard, BMX bike riding, or surfing no doggone ocean waves.
Welcome to the Best Women's Vans Sneakers 2020 fashion blog post. Vans is a brand that's making a huge fashion statement, and Babes it's stemmed in keeping things about as BASIC as a women's sneaker can get.
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best-looking-vans-2019 The brand itself is definitely something outside of what women’s Nike Huaraches, Women’s Adidas NMD, and the like all seem to have in common. This new fashion movement? It's one that requires that you don’t actually “look” like you’re trying to be too stylish.

Best Vans For Women



So, What does a seasonable OOTD call for exactly?
  • Distressed jeans with an abundance of strategic rips? Check.
  • A tee with words that you vibe to like, I’m a feminist, Check.
  • And let’s not forget to include the hottest kicks of the moment---that awesome pair of Vans shoes. Be it Vans Old Skool, Vans slip ons, Vans sk8 hi, or vans custom made by some artsy type, they’re “It” for the Itgirl as a modern day society must-have accessory.

Cool Vans Sneakers

vans-confetti Click to Buy Babes

I can show you better than I can tell you. Here are my Cool Vans Sneakers picks for women:

Vans Checkerboard for Women

womens-vans-outfit-2 Click if you LOVE the Sunnies Babes

If I'm lying, then I'm crying right now. I promise on EVERYTHING that the Vans checkerboard sneakers for women are THEE most popular amongst millennials. You could have every other color or any style; if you don't have Vans checkered shoes, you need to reevaluate your sneaker game. Check out my picks:



Best Vans Color Shoes for Women


What are the best Vans color shoes for women, you may ask? I'd have to tell you that I am obsessed with all of the pastel colors, and any color that stands out in general. Take a look at what I mean below:

Vans Shoes for Women


How Her Story Made History

Women's Vans Sneakers 2019 I don’t care how stylish you look in your women’s Vans high top sneakers and Vans outfit. As a Fashion Accessories Blogger, I just won’t have you uninformed, walking these streets with a blank thought bubble floating above your head.


Where did Vans sneakers originate from? Read on to get the 411.
pharrell-williams-wearing-vans Pharrell Williams Wearing Vans Sneakers

One thing that I am sure of is that I never particularly paid any attention to Vans sneakers, not until I saw Pharrell Williams rocking a pair. If you didn’t know, he was a hella-talented skateboarder. They used to call him SkateBoard P back in the day.

But Vans shoes were chronicled to have hit the real history books since the year 1966. Two brothers and company(Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren along with partners Gordon Lee and Serge Delia) formulated a plan and set out on a mission to create and sell shoes directly to the public in Cali.

If you’re fascinated by self-starters and grassroots businesses succeeding then you can completely learn how Vans originated with a click.

Women's Vans Sneakers 2019
Hold up, wait-a-minute. Before we move onto the next subtopic, I want to share a best Vans shoes article that I discovered. What makes it amazing my Clothing Accessories readers, is that it thoroughly details how Vans became in Vogue and a MILLION DOLLAR business without losing its SOUL SOLE.

Vans shoes for women


What Types of Vans are There?

So…There are 5 types of Vans shoes that matter most:

Vans Slip Ons - Slip on Vans are comfy and designed for the carefree individual. No, like really, there are no strings attached in this sneakers type which became popular in 1977 with the checkerboard print becoming a rising star.
The Authentic Vans – Authentic Vans are the classics. This design has endured the test of time since 1966 mainly by the---surfboard, surfboard, (okay so I digressed into a Queen B surfboard line for a sec) by the surfers and the skaters I meant to say. The Old Skool Vans - Everyone, meet the zigged side stripe. Yes. That stripe you see on today’s Vans shoes? That happened in 1978, drawn by one of the founders, Paul Van Doren.
They referred to it as the Jazz stripe, and this women's sneaker wouldn't be the same without it right?
The Sk8 – HI Vans – the Sk8 -Hi Vans came on the heels of the Old Skoll Vans peeps. It stands second in line when it comes to the addition of the side stripe but they also added above the ankle padding which gave Vans Sk8 Hi an even more stylish design.
The Era Vans - The Era Vans received some assistance on its design from pro skateboarding legends Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta. They included a padded collar and extra sturdy construction to extend the overall sneaker lifespan.

Vans shoes for women

The Vans Custom Sneaker



Vans Custom sneaker – And this sneaker brand has gotten better with time. The Vans custom sneakers are off the charts in 2018 and beyond.
These designers are thinking way out of the box to bring the fashionista fashion game up to levels unheard of. Check out some of the cool designs that I've rounded up for you:
custom-vans-women Like what you see? You can nab them here by the corresponding numbers: 1. (from left to right) Galactic Custom Vans Shoes 2. Ice Cream Custom Vans Shoes 3 Winnie the Pooh Custom Vans Shoes 4 Floral Custom Vans Shoes 5 Anti Social Club Custom Vans Shoes 6 Flame Checker Custom Vans Shoes 7 Rhinestone Custom Vans Shoes 8 Versace Inspired Custom Vans Shoes

Women's Vans Outfit



womens-vans-outfits Let's get all the way together with some adorable Vans sneaker outfits. Do you see how the cuties above manage to pull off their women's Vans outfit so flawlessly?
And just what does a chick wear with her vans sneakers ?
If you recall, I spoke about just keeping it real simple, no more and no less.

How to Style Vans




Let's go into how to style Vans so you can gain a better understanding of the best Vans outfit ideas by seeing some additional examples in action.
Let's make sure to take a moment to thank H20-oxygen-fashion on Youtube. Enjoy, follow and subscribe (a follow with me is greatly appreciated as well).

I also want to share an account I came across on IG. Her handle is Battiepollz, and this chick posts nothing but baddie outfits with baddie sneakers (she features the best women's Vans sneakers 2019 and more). She's really a style inspiration. Follow her for sure-sure.



Women's Vans Outfit



On the scroll are some additional Vans outfit ideas for you to try, reinvent, or copy if you so please. So tell me, have you made this sneaker your newest go-to best women’s Vans sneakers 2019 selection yet?
womens vans outfit ideas

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