Baddie Hairstyles – If You Don't Have These, You're So 2019 (Totally Fixable)

Best Baddie Hairstyles. This is your one-stop, Hair Trends Accessories 2020 resource page. If you have a human head connected to your body, I guarantee that you will find this PARTICULAR fashion accessories blog post to be resourceful.


How am I so sure? Simply put, because I'm a girl who's been there. I've totally been Dissatisfied to the max with disappointing hairstyles.



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I don't know about you, but when I'm unhappy with my hair, nothing---and I do mean nothing, that I wear below the neck can fix it.






I may as well have on a full-length garbage bag with built-in cutouts for my eyes, nose, and mouth.


And this is why I find all types of hair accessories very---NECESSARY. Make that an ambulance siren-swirling, NECESSITY. Let's get into it...



This bubble ponytail gives me LIFE. Girrrl, grab you some elastic bands and here's a cool bubble ponytail DIY from Bexley Hairstyles Blog. Thanks Babes.



baddie hairstyles
Click photo to buy this hair accessory now
Click Photo to buy Assorted Hair Accessories Pins
This hair accessory set is SOCIALITE Vibes right? Click Photo to Buy it Now
baddie hairstyles hair accessories

1. Pearl - Pearl Hairchain Hair Clip


2. Fashionable - Faux Leather Fashion Hairband Womens Accessory BUY IT NOW

3. Horoscope - Womens Rhinestone Fashion Hair clip Accessory


4. Boho Hair Braid Rings - Womens Hair Accessories


5. Round the Way Girl - Bamboo Fashion Hair Clip Womens


6. Elegant - Pearl Hair Pins Wedding or Womens Accessory






Let's just be baddies hairstyles real. Headbands, hair clips, hair bows, hair crowns, head ties, hair beads, and the like, have become our chosen ammunition for Instagram Baddie hairstyle beauty.




Vibrant Colorful Leatherette Hair Clips - Click the Photo to Buy Now
Aren't These arrow hair clips GOALS? Click the photo to make it yours

They're our hair rescue tools for those occasions when a girl simply isn’t up for the upkeep of professionally designed climactic hair-flips, or the high maintenance of a roller-set, cascading, voluminous curls.



As an example check out the photo below which uses tube beads(They also work amazingly for your baddie braids styles).



baddie hairstyles tube beads
Click Photo to Choose Your Favorite Tube Bead Hair Accessories Now!

If I can be blunt with you (and I feel that I can, since we’re fashion accessories BFF’s for life), I’ll just give pause and say it.



A world without hair accessories could result in hysteria; sheer pandemonium, brought on by tangled masses of hair everywhere.




Real talk---because WTF is Jenny going to do when she isn’t on the block, and needs other options besides her Yankees fitted cap???



Okay, so I will add that this updated women's Yankee hat, is a definite contender though. :) Now onto the best Baddie Hairstyles Accessories Trends...

Baddie Hairstyles 2020 |Beyond Basic



These are tortoise letter hair barrettes. Yup, they're that NEw-NEW. Click the photo to buy

There are many new hair accessory trends available for the taking in 2020 and beyond. Hair industry suppliers have finally caught on to the idea that Fashionistas want to accessorize their hair.



They've figured out that we want more than rubber bands and basic bobby pins (shocker/sidebar – did you know that bobby pins come in clear now?)



Best Women's Hair Accessories



baddies hairstyles hair gems
Click to buy these amazing hair gems Babes

Yup. Women's Hair accessories Products have become both useful and super cute. That’s exactly what inspired me to make this best hair accessories 2020 must-have list.



Let's check out the Best Spring/Summer 2020 and the Best Fall/Winter Hair Accessories Trends Hit List. I promise to make it worth your while...




Best Hair Accessories 2020 List



Baby Hairs and a Slick Ponytail? Yaaaassss... Click the Photo for cool ponytail wrap scarves

Where do I begin with all of the cool women's hair accessories that are out there on the market? Yes, rubber bands, wooden hair beads, and click-clack ponytail twisties are just that---so yesterday, so passe.


Here are just some of the hair accessory products that we will be showcasing on this page:

  • Hair Accessories Headbands
  • Decorative Hair Clips
  • Hair Accessories for Prom
  • Hair Accessories for Weddings
  • Tiaras
  • Barrettes
  • Hair Pins
  • Hair Jewelry
  • Women's Head Ties
  • Women's Rain Hats - Like REALLY Cool Ones
  • Women's Hair Bonnets
  • Women's Head Turbans


Hair Accessories 2020 - The Women’s Headband



baddies hairstyles headband trends
Bandanna Headband - Go Here Baby Momma Headband - Here
Velvet Headband - Here




The knotted women's headband 2020 brings transformation with a clear point of view on style. It projects what you want it to; go rocker, go glamorous, or go flower child.



It's also a really quick way to change the look of your hair. I have to admit that when I shop for an item, I like it to be extra in every way.



And as I was thinking about headbands, I envisioned something wider than average with an extraordinary look about it. And then I found it the ultimate fashion headband.





baddies hairstyles womens hair accessories




Why we're giving the headband for women complete props: What we like about it is its versatility.



Girl, put it around your forehead like it's the ring on planet Saturn, or place it along your head, where the tip of both ends stops at your ears.



Click photo to buy this fab 3 layer headband

Your hair will still be the star of the show. Use the right headband to play up a striking hair color or unique hair texture.


There are other headband wearer advantages as well. "You can wear it with or without bangs, slick it back, or pile it up high in a bun “a la ballerina style.”



baddies hairstyles kente headband Click photo to buy this cool kente headband

It’s practically genius to keep a variety of headbands on deck, just because you never know when you'll need one.


It doesn't matter if it's a fabric headband, a metal headband, or one of the plastic ones. How fun would a thought bubble headband?


You can write whatever you want on it :) Check out the most Fabulous Tiarra Monet wearing a super adorbs OMG headband. It's perfect for makeup application and skin care regimens. Click on the photo below to get it now:


Hair Accessories 2019

Or You could go for the very popular and Adorable bear headband While you apply your Face Beat.



 FYI, the fabric headbands are usually the most comfortable fitting. They come in an endless array of patterns and designs, perfect for those of us who like to have plenty of style options.


Want to see some in action? Check out the braided headband, fashion headbands, and more hair accessories fab like this cool vintage-inspired headband pick below:



Baddie Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hair Barrettes



  1. Belt buckle hair barrette options here and here
  2. Kitty hair barrette here
  3. Monogram hair barrette holder here


Those BASIC looking rectangular clips with the standard catch in the back? They’re about as *yawns widely* old as ancient history and we’re gonna need it to stay there.



These days, hair barrettes represent millennials in a way that makes you ACTUALLY want to wear it. One can go for something that looks sleek and modern, or it can be as simple as you want it to be. Wooden barrettes, colorful, tortoise decorative hair clips, embellished barrettes, barrettes for thick hair and barrettes for thin hair.



Just keep scrolling to see pretty barrettes galore. Some of the Best Hair clips are seen on Instagrammers a lot as of lately.



Baddie Hairstyles


The Hair Pin


baddies hairstyles hair pin accessories trends
baddies hairstyles letter hair accessories
Click the photo to get these Adorbs hair accessories name pins now
rhinestone-name-pin-clip rhinestone-hair-clips-2019

Trending Hair Accessories in 2020

If it’s blingy or ornate, we're drawn to it. Trending hair accessories, hair jewelry---it’s like showcasing mini art pieces on hair.


And if you manage to get some extra special ones, you’ll want to keep them tucked away inside of your jewelry box for safe keeping.



The benefit of hair pins is that they’re so small that one can place them almost anywhere on the hair for that added level of shine or glam. So many types of hair pins, so little time; vintage hair pins, decorative hair pins and so much more for you to love up on below:



hair accessories letter pins Click the photo to get your set

Latest Hair Pin



(Click Photo to Buy Here) These chemistry hair pins are so unique, geeky, and cool. You'll be the hit of the school or any other social event where you want to spark up a convo.

baddies hairstyles bobbypin trends



One popular 2020 hair trend that I'm loving is the hair pin hairstyle, or the exposed bobby pins hairstyle trend. If you need ideas, check out my hair trends accessories page. No worries.


I've also included bobby pin styles for short hair as well! Need bobby pins on deck? I've got you on the latest hair pin. They come in silver bobby pins, gold bobby pins and colored bobby pins now.



Womens Hair Accessories 2020 – The Hair Comb



baddies hairstyles haircomb trends
Click rose haircomb photo to buy now

This is #1, out of my 2 faves. I wear it with denim outfits and it takes my look to new heights. It's also under $10!



Click this jeweled gem haircomb to buy now

Check out the 2nd one (above). It's more practical, something that you can pair with jeans but still look like a million bucks because of the sparkle factor it has.


We know that you didn’t see this one coming, but it’s an accessories trend that deserves kudos for its ability to make a hairstyle look laid and polished.


Hair comb accessories are also amazing for weddings, beach trips, and vacation getaways.



Click photo to make this cool hair accessory yours

How to Rock a Hair Comb: It’s generally best accomplished by gathering a section of hair, twisting it together, and then placing the comb where it doesn’t move---somewhere where it can be SEEN.


You might hear them called by different names, but as far as sidecomb hair accessories go, the side hair comb, decorative hair combs for fine hair, hair comb wedding options, and the hair comb clip, are one and the same.


Here's an impressive DIY for my peeps who want to live their best hair comb AUTHENTIC LIFE (thanks Maegan). And feel free to find your own stellar hair combs below which are available for purchase. Let me assure you, they’re all good.




Hair Accessories 2020 – The Wrap Ponytail



baddies hairstyles ponytail wraps Click the photo to get your own bomb ponytail wrap now

The ponytail itself has been around and will be around probably forever. The only thing that has changed is how we choose to place and accessorize it.


Meet the wrap ponytail. It's a cool take on hair accessories for long hair that women can wear. Have you seen the second photo above? It's called a bubble ponytail, and it gives me all the futuristic It Girl feels.

How to Create a Wrap Ponytail

To create a wrap ponytail, the hair is pulled up or back into a super smooth or tamed ponytail, and the loose ponytail hair is then wrapped in a trendy leather or Perspex fabric.


Perspex is a clear material that has the look of glass. (think Lucite). The leather Wraps for Ponytails is major too. FYI, women bikers wore it first.



leather-ponytail-wrap Click photo to buy

This ponytail wrap is a top pick. You all know that I'm into keeping it simple, but way cute.

Lace and Ribbon Hair Wraps – who’s ready for a DIY bunjee ponytail? The name alone makes you want to jump right into finding out about this 2020 hair trend, doesn't it?




It’s pretty much the same method as the wrap ponytail, but hair ribbon or lace fabric is used instead.



The hair can also be partially covered if you prefer. Check out the pony wraps supplies below and you're well on your way to making it happen for yourself...

Ponytails For Natural Hair

Ponytails for natural hair can be achieved with the above hair accessories for SURE. SURE. Just make sure to use a good pomade to smooth down and lay those edges down Babes.


Ponytail for black women on Fleek? Yup. Celebrity YouTuberAaliyahjay demonstrates:


Hair Accessories 2020 – The Turban



baddies hairstyles turban trend Click the above photo to find your favorite turban now
baddies hairstyles fashion turban
Click photo to buy this turban

Yes, former Wild N’ Out personality and former Americas Got Talent host, Nick Cannon keeps this particular fashion accessory going in heavy rotation. Go leopard turban, go neutral, go pastel.


The key to wearing this accessory? Be as non-gypsy crystal-ball reading as you can. Don’t wear the turban as if it’s a costume. Get creative. Get your turban handmade and customized if you really want to get extra swaggy.


And if you're a performance artist, or really want to level up your fashion Instagram, have you ever considered rocking a cage turban?



At the very least, if you don't want to wear a turban in public, at least be fashionable in a waterproof version for your daily bathing showers. Here’s a little 411 on the turban, for the turban fashion doubters. Featuring the female turban is officially on show.

Hair Turban for Wet Hair



This hair turban for wet hair will get the job done after a shampoo. Check out the benefits:



Click picture to buy now

Summer Hair Accessories


Still want to rock a turban, but have concerns about the summer heat?
Planning on a vacay somewhere warm very soon? Summer womens hair accessories are yours for the taking. Go for this pretty lacy turban option.

Hair Accessories 2020 – Head Wraps


baddie hairstyles headwrap
Head wraps are addictive for more than one good reason, but here are 3 valid ones that can determine whether or not you should invest in one to qualify as a Baddie Hairstyles pick in my book.
1. You don't have to leave a single strand of hair out (literally, your hair could be in its worst condition, and no one would be the wiser about what's tucked underneath it.
2. They're ever-so-fashionable, and totally DIY how to tie a headwrap doable.
3. There are so many options in terms of colors and fabrics. Denim head wraps, velvet, leather head wraps and more. It's a sure hair win-win.

Hair Accessories 2020



baddie hairstyles crowns Click this photo to find the perfect fashion crown for YOU
So who doesn’t want a crown perched on top of their head? The unwritten rule is that wearing this grandiose accessory commands respect.
The crown pictured on the platinum blonde model above is the epitome of royal to me. You can cop it from a company called
They've created crowns for numerous celebrities and high fashion publications.

Cool Hair Accessories

Relevancy wise, there used to be a time when you would only see crowns in storybooks. And then there was hip-hop culture---and the MTV Super Sweet Sixteen kids.
And now, Birthday Crowns still remain quite epic with each crown creator vying to outdo one another.
It's a new hair accessory trend on the rise; one of those cool women's hair accessories that you should try out for yourself.

Baddie Hairstyles



The more jewels and sparkle, the better. Metal head crowns, flower crowns, birthday crowns, and head crown jewelry---how can you call yourself a princess or a queen if you really don’t have one?
I say go for it. I've even found a golden knit hat crown that you can wear out on the regular if you'd like. I just love this.
Here are some more crown options, all depending on how you're feeling that day :
  1. If you're feeling like an Ice Princess go here
  2. If you're feeling like a Forest Flower Child go here
  3. If you're feeling like a Butterfly Crown go here
  4. If you're about to be a bride, go here

What's the Difference Between a Crown and a Tiara?

Ever wonder if there is a difference between a crown and a tiara? The answer is yes, there is:
  1. Crowns were generally worn as a symbol of authority by kings and queens as headwear.
  2. Tiara's are a type of crown.
  3. Crowns have a circular base, and tiaras have a semi-circular base.
  4. Crowns cover the whole head, tiaras cover the front part of the head.
  5. Men and women wear crowns, women typically wear tiaras.
  6. Crowns usually sit higher than a tiara.


Now that you've been better informed, I bet you're ready to get to tiara shopping. I've got just the source for you. Go here, just as fast as you possibly can.

Baddie Hairstyles

The Scrunchie



scrunchie-trendThis isn’t your soccer mom, average hair scrunchie that we’re discussing here. You’ll be proud to envelop your hair strands inside of this revamped, stretchable hair accessory.
The bow tie scrunchie is the “most improved” hair accessory in my opinion. Its become relevant again because of updated textile choices and stylish add-ons. Scrunchies 80s, scrunchies 90s, and scrunchies 2018---say hello to 2020.
Seriously, even Balenciaga has jumped onto the scrunchie bandwagon. Check out the hair scrunchies that made the cut below:

Baddie Hairstyles For Long Hair


The Claw Hair Clip



The Claw Hair Clip. You could also refer to it as bear claw hair clips, metal claw clips, or even hair grips. We heart the multi-horizontal pattern that the comb makes as it glides through the hair.
It sort of mimics achieving that feeling of Zen; something we all could use a bit more of in our lives. Look at these hair claw clip styles and talk amongst yourselves...

Hair Accessories 2020 – The Hair Tie



baddie hairstyles tie Here’s another Baddie Hairstyles accessory which has come a really long way. Do you remember the two transparent acrylic balls that many of us wore on the regular as small children?
Well, the hair tie is on a whole new level now. The hair ties of today are bejeweled out, often with spikes, stones, unique bows, or pearls. You may even see hair ties made from luxurious fabrics such as leather, suede, or velvet:
Are you in search of hair ties for your problematic thick hair or curly hair? If finding suitable ones that won't break or stretch out has been troublesome for you, then you definitely need to try this one out.

Baddie Hairstyles

Natural Hair

Hair Accessories for Braids and locs

womens hair accessories Don't think for one second that I've left my gorgeous Baddie Hairstyles Naturalistas out.
You can endlessly adorn your hair locs and hair twists, discover womens hair accessories for braids, and more. Click on any photo to make it yours:
baddie hairstyles
These mini afro queens are so on point
  1. Look at these insanely creative loc climbers here
  2. If you love Nefertiti go here
  3. If you are a student of life and wisdom, go here
  4. If you love coils and spirals go here or here
  5. If you love ankhs and cowrie shells go here
You can also check out another source I ran across called Tiffany's Loc Jewels. Her creations are amazing.

Baddie Hairstyles


The Ponytail Cuff



Tell me that these monogram ponytail holders aren't Click on the photo to get yours with your own name or custom initials.
This is an option to really ADORE. It’s one of our personal accessory faves. You put your hair in a ponytail (a half or a full one) and this accessory does the job of finishing you off with a polished look.
Anyone remember this funny Coming to America hair cuff flashback? Continue to scroll down for some special pony cuffs I think you will like.
It's the high ponytail cuff, gold cuff ponytail holder, rose gold ponytail cuff, hair cuff ponytail holder, and the metal ponytail wrap. Let me know how you styled these on your hair.

Baddie Hairstyles – The Best Hair Accessories for Working Out



baddie hairstyles
Click to p[urchase this modern exercise headband now
You just want it out of your face, with nothing clinging to the back of your neck. I get it. So I've hand-selected these workout hair ties, workout hair bands for short hair, best hair ties for running, gym headbands for females, and athletic hair ties to meet your needs.
And if you're about the above RUN athletic headband life, you can get one here.

Baddie Hairstyles


For Prom



baddies hairstyles prom accessories



Types of Womens Hair Accessories for Prom. It's that one special day that you will remember forever. You may think that you have lots of time to get it together, but prom season will be upon you before you know it.



If you need a kickstart for the best in 2020 prom hair accessories, then you must, must, must go here for unique, cool accessory finds.



baddie hairstyles

Baddie Hairstyles


For Brides


Types of Hair Accessories 2020 for Brides. So this covers a broader section of fabulous accessory selections specifically for the bride to be.


It doesn't matter if you're an old-fashioned bride or a modern bride. You're sure to find a look that's tailored just for you. Check them out here.



Baddie Hairstyles




This category is for those of us who enjoy being extra fabulous. Take a look and let me know if you are as elated as I am, that these items even exist...

So tell me, did AchickfromHarlem live up to the hype of Womens Hair Accessories 2020 Trends – or nah?


She did that, right? And while there are several other womens hair accessories that I could have mentioned---hair glitter, hair rings, hair string, hair tattoos, hair glowsticks and such, we wanted to stick to giving you information on items that are more wearable.

Baddie Hair Accessories 2020



–The Really "Different" Ones that I Had to Share



Before we wrap up this hair trends accessories blog post, I HAVE to share these very outlandish inventions. And you know what we discovered? We’re not sure who’s crazier? The person for wearing it, or the person who invented it: Here’s one for all of you cat-lovers. The cat headband.


No, We mean an entire cat. It's the hang on tight kitty headband. What---not glam enough? Okay then, how about a crystal head-brace? It’s made by Gucci


I am offering you it all when it comes to 2020 women's hair accessories trends. But nobody said that you have to buy anything.


I love a good DIY project and, that's why I support you saving your coins if you so choose. Here are a couple of terrific Hair Accessory DIY's for my fashionistas.

The Rodarte Star Hair Pins DIY (thanks Alyssa) and the hanging chain headband DIY(thanks Maegan).



Baddie Hairstyles

Here are the types of womens hair accessories products that are showcased on this page:

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