BEST 25 Hair Accessories for Braids and Locs THAT HIT DIFFERENT for Baddies

BEST 25 Hair Accessories for Braids and Locs THAT HIT DIFFERENT for Baddies

25 BEST Hair Accessories for Braids and LocsOn a Beast-mode Search 25 Hair Accessories for braids and locks? Looking for more than BASIC Beads and GENERAL gemstones? Look no further. This Fashion Accessories Blogger and new online store owner has rounded up the best of the best.


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Hair Cuffs for Braids and Locs


  1.  Mini Queen Hair Cuffs for hairbraids and or locs 



How cute are these mini crowned Queens, and how fab would they look attached to a braid or loc? If it's all about APPEARANCES, then this hair accessory definitely fits the bill.


 2.  Afro Pick Hair Cuffs for hairbraids and or locs 


Ready to rock rough and stuff with your afro puffs? These little afro picks appear functional, but they were designed all for show.


  1. 3. Silver Braid Loc Charms for hairbraids and or locs 


    Here's a fun way to get really creative with your hairbraids or loc style.  These silver hair charms are like jewelry----made exclusively for your hair.


    4. Crown cowrie shells hair accessories


     This can be worn with any braid style or as hair accessories for goddess locs. You;ll feel CULTURED and PRETTY for sure with this pick

    5. Egyptian Pyramid Eye of Her Loc Charm Jewelry


    Harness the beauty of the Egyptian Pyramid with this beautiful Eye of Heru Loc Charm. 


    6. Egyptian Hair Jewelry


    This Loc Jewelry gives off  REGAL vibes in every kind of WAY. Did someone custom make these for you? Why of course they did (wink-wink).


    7. Hair Cuffs Accessories for Braids and Locs


    It's essentially Tube Accessories for Braids but with a heavy dose of SWAG. The cutouts are all created to show off your unique sense of style.

     Hair Coil Spirals for Braids and Locs


    8. Colored Loc Jewelry Coil Spirals


    I'm sure that you've seen these pretty little thing jewelry coil spirals, but did you know that you can get them in an assortment of bright beautiful colors? Yup, you just stepped up your Outfit of the Day with these finds Babes.


    9. Heart jewelry hair coils


     Awww...Don't these heart jewelry hair coils make you feel all warm and fuzzy? All kinds of girly-girl cuteness.


    10.  Initial Braid Spiral Hair Accessory



    Gold hair accessories for braids just got PERSONALIZED. Wear your initial in your hair and make a fabulous and long lasting style statement.


    Bumble Bee Accessories are all he rage right now. They've got the whole hood buzzing in fact.


    If you're going to accessorize your hair, then you may as well pick the ones that are good for your Karma right? Or, you can be a DOPE girl. In any case, we love the idea and the end products.



     Africa Loc Jewelry at its very best. A show of strength and BEAUTY for sure.



    These hair beads are bright, colorful, and aimed to make you SPARKLE with it's diamond accents.


    Hair Pins for Hairbraids and Locs



    15. Cowrie Shell Hair Pin for Braids or Locs


    Gorgeous cowrie shells, perfectly placed on a hair clip. If it's as spectacular by itself, just imagine how great it will look placed on your braids or locs.


    Hair Rings For Braids and Loc Jewelry


    16. Iridescent Cowrie Braid Rings


    This is exactly what happens when cowrie shells go FULL ON GLAM. his glow is everything that you need it to be and more. Spice up an evening outfit or wear them just to separate yourself from a crowd of ordinary folks.


    17. Tree of Life Hair Rings





    19. Rasta Hair Wrap Accessory


    This Rasta Hair Wrap Accessory is just what one needs on display as a show of loving Jah and of loving life.


    20.  Loc Bead Hair Accessory


    Accessorize you braids with this Loc Bead Jewelry Beauty. It's like jewelry for the hair. Right on point to wear for vacation or Baecation trips to anywhere in the Caribbean.  



    21.   Braids and Loc Jewelry Set



    Ladies, this is an ENTIRE set of Loc or Braid Jewelry. Hand-crafted and a sure show-stopper. 




    22.  Spiral Wrap Loc and Braids Jewelry


     This Spiral Wrap Loc will adorn your Locs or Braid and bring the Bling factor that you seek on the cheap.



    Braid Accessories String


    23. Hair Braid String






    Well, something has to hold your lovely locs or hair braids together, so why not make it over the top AMAZING? We love this Pharaoh Wrap Hair Accessory.

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