Best 2020 Valentines Day Gifts---From You To You, Because You Deserve It


Happy Valentine’s Day---in advance, and the actual day of. February the 14th. So…Who you lovin? If you’re drawing a blank, then that my Sista-friend, is a GLARING RED FLAG.


Notice that I didn’t ask who your boyfriend (or girlfriend) is. Let me help you with what should be the obvious answer. You’re lovin’ YOU. And it shouldn’t even matter what day it is. And it shouldn’t even matter if you’re in a relationship or not.




This Valentine’s Day Fashion Blog Post is dedicated to the celebration of LOVING YOU. If you’re open to the idea of being selfish in a good way, then I'm gonna INSIST that you keep reading.




Why? Because you/me/he/she wholeheartedly deserves it. We're kicking it off with some positive affirmation. Go on and read the below Valentine's Day Quotes aloud to yourself:

Valentine’s Day Quotes

hearts If You Don’t Love Yourself, Nobody Else is Going to Love You ~Athoughts Demonstrate Love by Giving it Unconditionally to Yourself And as You Do You Will Attract Others Into Your Life Who Will Love You Without Conditions ~Paul Ferrini



Valentine’s Day Gifts

valentines-day-necklace I Heart Me Necklace - This necklace is for the heart only. one of the three. Others are sold separately.

1. I Heart ME Heart Pendant Choker Necklace – Women’s CZ Earrings Studs - $59.00

Available in Platinum with clear heart or Rose gold with pink heart

Let’s get one thing understood. These Valentine’s Day Gifts ARE FOR YOU. I’m expecting you to wear and enjoy these recommendations, because of what we discussed from the jump. If I hear about you gifting these items to anyone else. I’m coming for you. Now enjoy these not-just-for-Valentines-day themed Valentine’s Day Gifts:

Valentines Day Food

Ladies, treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself. I am a foodie, and I believe that you should always have specialty foods on deck. When I say this I mean that I often have some type of seafood--- be it shrimp, lump crab, or calamari in my freezer.

Shrimp dishes

My mom is from South Carolina (she lives that Gullah life), so I will often make shrimp and okra or shrimp and gravy with grits. I’m in the process of rebranding my YouTube channel, so be on the watch for my cooking segments in the very near future :).

Fried Calamari

So...I used to go frequent this Peruvian restaurant called Pio-Pio’s. It was one of my favorites, best known for its delectable aji sauce baked chicken, fried calamari, and avocado salad.


Sadly they fell off, and I got to scouring the internet until I found similar recipes. Here’s the EXACT recipe for the fried calamari. It’s so amazing (the secret key to this is to use buttermilk and to not overcook the calamari). All I do is buy the green aji sauce now.


Lobster and Crab

It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get a nice sized lobster for under $25. Make it a 2 pounder or don’t bother because it will only leave you wanting more.


A whole Dungeness crab or lump crabmeat with Vidalia onions over grits is simply---amazing. And I swear by crustacean therapy (shellfish).


There’s something cathartic about cracking those shells open after a particularly rough or stressful day. Try it. Facts.

Valentine’s Day Nails

Valentine’s Day nails are just cute. The occasion makes you think of hearts or the colors red or pink. Instead of getting caught up with the fu-fu and the idea of everything corny, dig deeper.


Every time you look down, think of the love that you are pledging to yourself. Get your nails done, or buy what you need from the store and create your own Baddie Nails at home Babes. Below are just a few Valentine’s Nails ideas:


2020-valentines-day-nails-ideas Here are some Valentine's Day Nail Art DIY's for you to try and admire on yourself Babes.

Valentine’s Day Outfits

Valentine’s Day Outfits. You cute and everything right? Remind yourself of that by changing up your loungewear at home.


Instead of that old Tee and worn pajama bottom switch it up. I bet every time that you steal a glance of yourself you’ll smile. That reflection of you will be hittin’ them angles on a different level. Here are some Valentine’s Day Outfit ideas:

Valentine’s Day Songs

As far as Valentine's day songs go, I’ve got a few on repeat. But I know that my neighbors are about sick of hearing this ONE PARTICULAR song through the walls:
  1. Jhene Aiko – None of Your Concern – This song speaks to me because it reinforces the fact that there are some things beyond any of our control.
What you CAN control is how you respond to what you feel you deserve---as a person in general. It’s about your expectations of others when you know that you’ve always kept it 100.



Here’s my favorite line:

But you backtracking with Ninjas (I’m substituting the slang term), that ain’t ish (another substitute for the curse word) for you, don’t belong around your aura.

What is the Real Meaning of Valentine’s Day?

If anybody out there wants to know about the origin of Valentine’s Day for the heck of it, here you go. You won’t be talking about this Clothing accessories blogger, saying that all I don’t entertain, inform, and educate. Lastly, if there's a takeaway to be pointed out in summary of this post, let it be this. Before you worry about someone else, learn to love yourself. Until next time, XOXO

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