Belts For Womens Jeans - How To Look Snatched and Styled Baddie Fit Edition

Belts for women's jeans. A great one can transform your entire life. It has the power to give you a shapely silhouette and cinch the waist.


You can get them skinny or wide, in an assortment of colors, patterns, and fabrics. The right belt can actually make your outfit of the day or outfit of the night.


You can get cheap belts or a pricey designer one that shows off an expensive monogram.

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Women's fashion belts can serve double duty as a statement necklace or hold up your pants. And a good belt can last you for a lifetime with proper care.
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What Size Belts Should I Buy Womens?



what size belts should I buy womens?


What size belts should I buy womens? The shortcut of an answer to this question is that you can simply add 2 inches to whatever pants size it is you wear.


To get a more accurate size, I've provided you with a handy womens belt sizes chart. Thank you cactus mountain.



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Now onto picking belts for womens jeans, belts for waist, and more. There are so many women's fashion belt choices, what's a girl to do?



Just stick with me and keep reading. I'll showcase the belts that are new, trendy and all types of fashionable on this page. Let's get into it...




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Belts For Womens Jeans | What Types Are There?

best womens belts 2019

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There really are lots of options on where to buy belts for womens jeans and such out there, but that's good for us because that means that the belt(s) you seek is somewhere out there waiting for you.

It's only a matter of seeing it to adorn it around your waist.

  • Belts for Womens Jeans
  • Women's Belts for Dresses
  • Fashion Belts for Dresses
  • Belts For Waist
  • Women's Stretch Belts
  • Fancy Belts for Dresses
  • Wide Belts for Dresses
  • Women's Leather Belts for Jeans
  • Sparkly Belts for Dresses
  • Studded Belts
  • Skinny Belts
  • Hip Belts

It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, if you choose to wear a belt with it (any of the above), the belt must compliment your outfit.


It needs to coordinate properly so that it looks like it belongs on you, and not stick out like a sore thumb.

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But I promise that choosing belts is going to be a wardrobe game-changing good time. And they're cheap, so we love that.


Enough with the teasers. Check out the belt beauties that I've rounded up for you to start with below:


womens wide leather belts

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Fashion Belts For Dresses



best women's belts 2019 How
PRETTY is this lace cut out corset belt? So unexpected and FEMININE. Click to buy now.

If you’re a fashionista with a longer torso, go for a thick waist belt or a wide waist belt. Why? Because it will help to shorten the upper portion of your body. Trust.


You’ll thank me later when it results in shortening the upper portion of your body, making you look fashionably proportionate.



Wide waist belts look amazing on coats or dresses or tops that are too big. It gets the job done when it comes to snatching your waist. Just be careful not to try to use this styling method if it looks forced or bunched. Sidebar---Look at the belt below.


Isn't it dramatic, romantic and cool all in one (btw, comes in colors)?


It will bring any plain dress come to life. Think of it this way, women's belts are like the arrow on an outfit. It brings attention to wherever it lies.


Waist belts do the best job of pulling off a cohesive look while emphasizing your curves. Similarly, hip belts can accomplish the same fashion goal.



Thin Belts | Skinny Belts



fashion belts for dresses
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On the flipside, the case is exactly the opposite for short-waisted ladies. You’re going to want to make thin belts your accessory bestie.


No worries, it won’t cover up your midsection or give off a Humpty-dumpty appearance. Skinny belts look great on cardigans, V-neck sweaters, and dresses by the way.

Belt Lengths


Belt lengths are very important, so strive for greatness. Try to get your belt to fit the middle hole. The aim is to get it to rest flat against your body.



This brings us to the next topic, womens belts for jeans. You're about to be beyond belated (happy) Babes:



More On Belts For Womens Jeans



Belts for womens jeans are major, whether you want your jeans fitted or if you like the relaxed fit of boyfriend jeans. The first thing that I want to stress is this---if your jeans don’t have loops Just. Don’t. Do. It.



I promise that you will end up playing tug of war with your jeans and the belt, attempting to keep your belt aligned properly around your waist.



And while we’re on the chat-worthy topic of women’s belts for jeans, I have to share with you a couple of rare gems. Do you know that there’s a belt made strictly for jeans?



belts for womens jeans
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Yes, you heard me correctly. It will have you looking right in your denim. There’s no troublesome buckle sticking out at the front of your belly, and you won’t feel hassled when it’s time for the trip to the ladies room:



Womens Stretch Belts

Women’s stretch belts are like a gift from the belt Gods. They’re made with elastic, and the advantage of wearing one allows you full movement.



When you move, it moves. No constriction issues, point, blank, period.



Womens Belts For Jeans | How Do You Wear A Belt?



So what happens when you have amassed an assortment of amazing fashion belts, but you have no idea how to wear them? You get pointers, examples like this amazing dress with this most amazing metal belt and specialized how-to accessorize fashion tips from yours truly.


Right about now, I will be directing you to the Pinterest Board, How to Accessorize. Ladies, you're going to find out about how to wear a belt, how to tie one in several different ways, and so much more.


Follow me to keep up with the latest and greatest, because disappointing you is not an option :)



Which One Is Your Favorite Belt?

So I've put together another list of cool women's fashion belts for you to peruse.


There's a little bit of everything to see--- high-end belts, cheap women's belts, belts on sale. Trust me, you'll like what you see. Enjoy ladies.

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