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Basketball Wives LA Earrings are about to be on full VH1 display, so that means that the Basketball Wives are coming back to the small screen....


I'll be front and center, there for all of the *sips tea* attitude with possible a mash-up of Basketball Wives cast favorites like Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie, Jennifer Williams, and Shaunie O'Neil.


One of my favorite past times is scoping out what they're wearing; taking a particular interest in their Basketball Wives 2018 fashion accessories. I hope they don't disappoint, because those girls are so extra in every way.


I'm sure that there will be lots to see in everything over-sized, chunky, and statement-making in women's earrings, women's rings, women's bracelets, and women's necklaces. Everything about grandiose accessories only makes me want more, so I figured I'd do a jewelry blog post about it centered on the Basketball Wives.


Let's get to the bottom of what makes those chicks just as big and bad as they wanna be in flaunting their fashion accessories. Affiliate Links Disclosure: does provide links to different products/retailers on our site. I might also place affiliate links on sidebars. I encourage you to follow these links and check them out.

If you purchase something through one of the affiliate links I will make a commission from the sale, without any additional cost to you. However, I only recommend things that I have used, and or personally rock with.

Basketball Wives LA Earrings - About. That. Hoop. Life.

Basketball Wives LA Earrings Let's not even get it twisted. Evelyn Lozada IS that chick when it comes to the one that we're tuning in to see for her style and one-of-a-kind fashion accessories flow. To put it mildly, Lozada never disappoints. Her hoops and dangle earrings get bigger and more in-your-face dangly.


It's only proof that the around the way girl will never-ever-eva go out of fashion. You'll associate her with New York Bold Culture because she gives off NY vibes.


In fact, she can rock bamboo earrings with red bottoms and the most expensive outfit in the store and still be that Bish. The Basketball Wives hoop earrings with the balls (poparazzi hoop earrings) may have faded into a puff of dust quite a while ago, but don't get it confused.


A good sizeable hoop earring will always be here to stay. Grandiose and hoop earring gold round is the best. The same goes for the diamond stud earrings. A great pair of diamond baubles on the ears is the next best thing to wearing that big rock on the wedding finger Babes.


I found some real beauties that might even get you past the front desk at an open call Basketball Wives auditions. Oh, and you'll love this and this and this for sure.

Update: are you looking for the Evelyn Lozada Butterfly Hoop Earrings? Well, you can definitely find them for over $40 on her site, but check out these stunning Butterfly Hoop Evelyn Lozada inspired earrings as an alternate.


This is just MY personal opinion, but to me, these are EVEN better. And they're considerably LESS (try half of the cost) Babes:


"I actually ended up getting Shaunie a pair in the Bronx the other day, and even she said, I feel like I need them bigger."


I just CANNOT wait to show you the roundup of Basketball Wives LA Earrings that I've scouted out for you. A word of advice friend---get them before Evelyn finds out about this website.


If you happen to nab the last pair and it's the ones she wanted there's no telling what will go down. Just kidding. Everyone including the season cast (that includes Malaysia Duffey, and Brandi) knows that Evelyn Lozada isn't into girl-fights anymore. She's evolved. Here are the earrings!

Basketball Wives LA Earrings AND Bangles, A Pair with Plenty to Spare

Basketball Wives Bracelets

If you were to do a wrist check, don't expect to find any of those where-they-at minimalist barely-there accessories pieces on the Basketball Wives LA Reality Show.

You're positively going to see them stacking up on pricey Cartier nail bracelets. You'll see them styled to the high-heavens, one atop the other, like that pictured above.

Evelyn from Basketball Wives opened up the show with this look that again, showed from the jump that she's never one to hold back on being fashion accessories shy.

Hey, here's some Newsflash goodness. You can get the stacked bracelet look here, here, and here, for only a fraction of the cost. Not the thousands and thousands of dollars that someone paid for Ev's.

I also like this set, because you can get the full effect in one swoop with a one-stop purchase.

I like to switch it up and get unique with my bracelet stacks, so I'd probably add this with a few plainer bangles to create some real wrist candy. Do you like? I could style bangles all day actually. Let me know what you come up with Loves.

Basketball Wives LA Earrings - NoT The ONLY StAR. The Shade is REAL

basketball-wives-malaysiaHalf Nit Sunglasses FramesI


should probably rephrase that and say that the SHADES are real. These girls stay in some cute sunnies, at least up until they're ready to give one another a good old-fashioned READ.


On the other hand, there's something to be said about the value of a pair of good sunnies, isn't it? There's no denying the obvious. They are hater-blockers and work well in deflecting a bluff situation. i.e...

"Did you say it?"

"No, I did not."


And that's the end of that. LoL. Anyways, here are my top picks for the best sunglasses for women. They're all B-Ball Wifey worthy. If you like Malaysia and her sunglasses style, here are a similar pair of fab sunnies.


The yellow-tinted aviators are EVERYTHING right now, and they'll make you see the world from such a sunny perspective. The rose gold sunglasses for women will make you look like you're an A-list celebrity. Just smile, post up, and remember to do it for the GRAM.

Basketball Wives LA - Ring Nation

Basketball Wives Rings


Finally, we bring it all back to the stacks---the ring stacks. But to be real Basketball Wives Fashion Accessory fashionable, I'd do these faux diamond baguette stacks here. With some metallic nail polish.


You'll annihilate the game, which is a good thing in this instance. As I reach the verge of closing out this fashion accessories blog post, I offer you a little something more for your viewing pleasure. It's my ode to the Basketball Wives LA and their accessories game.


If you like it, please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We'd love to have you and keep you in the loop of the latest and greatest accessory trends. Are you here for Basketball Wives, Season 8? Check out the ladies picks of who they they would choose to make the cut below.


Until Next Time, XOXO


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