Baddie Nails How To---For the CHEAP On the KEEP (You Won't Believe It)

Baddie Nails How To---For the CHEAP On the KEEP (You Won't Believe It)

Baddie nails. Just know that these days, they're as important as any fashion clothing accessories you choose to wear.


You're on your cell phone, you're carrying your purse, you're interacting with folks, and YOUR HANDS and FINGERNAILS are going to be noticeable.


No need to hit up Sallys Beauty or otherwise. We're going to keep it laser-focused on cute nail designs and easy nail designs in this post. And no, I DID NOT forget to include the most important benefit of why you should be reading this clothing accessories blog post. All of the below are affordable nail art designs.








It's baddie Nails season 2020. Are you ready? If you're not, I'll get you all the way together Babes. Not a problem. Scroll on for Baddie nails ideas, baddie nails short, baddie nails spring, summer, fall, and winter.



I'm covering white baddie nails, blue baddie nails and the hues in between......


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Baddie Nails

How Much Do Baddie Acrylic Nails Cost?



Click photo for more info on this look

Love the nail design pictured above

Girrrl... I'm glad that you asked, how much do acrylic nails cost? If you're paying someone to put on some baddie acrylic nails, make sure that you have enough in your bank account to cover the expense of the basics. And FYI, added on nail designs is going to cost you way EXTRA--per finger.


Baddie Nails


What Are the Different Nail Art Designs?


If you want to know What Are the Different Nail Art Designs? Let's go with the most popular:
  • Matte Nails
  • Press On Nails
  • DIY Nails
  • Simple Nail Designs
  • Easy Nail Designs
  • Cute Nail Designs
  • Neon Nails
  • Baddie Nails

Baddie Nails


Matte Nails


baddie nails T
o Achieve This Cool Matte Nude Color, You Can Use the 2 Polishes Below :)



Baddie Nails

Press On Nails



Press on nails. They're super user-friendly for those of us who want easy nail art designs at home for beginners without tools.


And if you don't think that a good majority of your favorite Baddies are utilizing them then you are probably in for a shrieking surprise. Press on nails have come a long way.


They look official. official. Don't believe me? Dare you to NOT order these press on Baddie nails Blog Picks. Let's start with these Versace press on nails. You heard me Sis :)



Click Photo to Cop these Amazing Nails Now

And these Flame and Check nails are Fire. You could wear them with cute heels or a pair of flame Vans Sneakers:



baddie nails
Click this photo to make these flame nails yours

Pixie dust with Crystals? Baddie Nails Design For It Girls



baddie nails
Click photo for this GLAM Baddie look

Peep these Egyptians press on nails tho....



Click the photo to be the chick with these nails NOW

These are called Where the Bag At? You need these just because. periodt POOH.



pink baddie nails
Click the photo to get to the BAG Babes

Perhaps you want to get holographic on them:



Click picture to go holographic

Baddie Nails

DIY Nails



I know, DIY Nails are all the rage because a chick can save her coins, take her time, and still get the customized nail art designs that she's been feening to get. This nail designs DIY is soooooooooooooooooo good. I could just run onto my balcony and scream out, my Baddie Nails Page is Live!


You can read it now ;).


cowhide nails trend cheap


Check these cowhide nails out (they're press ons!). They're soooooo it right now, notches above the standard white baddie nails Instagram designs that you see.


You've got to try it. Okay so, you all BETTER follow and subscribe to this YouTuber because she put her foot nails into this one.


After scouring all of my social media, I went with the nail design choice that got the most engagement. Ladies and gentlemen ---I give you neon thunderbolt baddie DIY nail design greatness:


nail design pictures
Pinterest Most Popular - Thunderbolt Nail Design

Yup, this one very homemade-like photo g0t over 20,000 impressions and counting. And yes, it falls into that simple nail design category, but it also is all kinds of bomb AF.


Everyone Get your Neon Nail Polish and then check out YouTuber Pretty Little Claws:


Simple Baddie Nails



baddie nails 2019


baddie nails 2019



Simple baddie nail designs are a fave of mines, and maybe that's why I'm so drawn to the negative space nails. I like looking at the designs. They are so not complex, but they totally look like lots of effort went into making it happen.



baddie nails short

Baddie Nails 2020

Easy Nail Designs

Baddie nails 2020. Looking for easy-peesy nail designs on the cheap? Then you pretty much want to try out Ardell Nail Addict Premium press on nails designs.


They're pretty impressive. For under ten bucks, you don't have much to lose. This is one sure-fire method of easy nail art designs by hand. Plus, the color and style selections are SWEET.

easy nail designs
Click the photo for more options and to check out NOW Luv

Kiss Goldfinger Gel Glam press on nails have been getting all kinds of STELLAR reviews.


And just by looking at there clean POLISHED (Ha.) appearance, I'm all in. And it comes with all that you need.


Click to buy Babes

Neon Nails


Baddie nails 2020
Baddie Nail Drip

Do you know what the neon colors are? If we had to pick one out of all the colors, the neon red would stand out the best be it day or night time. Other hues in the neon family include blue, turquoise, green, rose pink, peach pink and orange neon nails.



 Neon Nails 2020 

Jelly Nails





Have you ever seen jelly nails? They are so Baddie nails girl. Their clear design makes them fun, playful and creative. Want to get the jelly nails trend on a budget? You're very welcome Babes.  



How Do you Do Cute Nail Designs?



Are you open to step by step nail designs at home? Great. To achieve cute nail designs, just read on.
  1. The very first thing that you want to do is paint your nails. They can be your own nails, or a fresh pair of oval press on nails (or coffin nails, or square nails, almond nails or stiletto nails). If you want to try a better alternative to nail glue go this reusable route.
  2. Paint the nails in the color of your choice and let dry
  3. Apply nail stickers. If you choose the right ones and take your time with the application, it'll look like a pro did them. Here are my nail sticker suggestions Babes:



baddie nail pictures
Yes, this is hologram mermaid nail stickers :) Click the photo to buy

Have you checked out my Pinterest Board For Nail Designs? It's Fire, and I just know that you will find what you want if you don't see anything you love here.



DIY Nail Designs
Print something amazing on your nails! Click Photo to Buy

flame nail design picture


Go Here and Here (if you love designer/monogram designs). They are the coolest Baddie Nails sticker options. If you can't get enough and you're STILL in search of more cheap nail design DIY's and Baddie nail ideas then help yourself. I hope that you enjoyed this Baddie Nails Blog Post. Until next time,



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