Awesome Animal Lover Jewelry---That Would Make a Human Roll Over


I am an animal lover. As an individual with no siblings, pet ownership helped to fill the void. Dogs. Cats. Hamsters. Sea monkeys---yeah, I had it.


It wasn't a newsflash. My mother claimed one-and-done status from the moment I was able to understand what a little brother or sister was.


And I had no choice but to accept it. I'm certain that’s why to this very day, in my adulthood. I am still an animal lover.


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Love Your Pet Day

dakota-cute This is Dakota pleading for me to put on his accessories. LoL.

I am completely connected to my living mass ball of tan and white fur who I named Dakota (as a pup, his coloring reminded me of the mountains). I have probably fallen harder for him more than any other pet.


Perhaps that’s because by far he is the cutest, with his eternal puppy-dog appearance (he’s actually 7 years old in human years). And there’s another reason that makes this canine oh so special to me.


He, is an emotional support dog. Mean it. Really. He’s security, he reacts when you’re sad, loves to hear you laugh, and he’ll contort into any over the shoulder bag to ensure that he never feels like a burden as I frequent local stores.


He's also multi-star Uber approved. And it’s not just me that Dakota is concerned for---if I love you, then he does too. Everyone agrees.


It got to a point where a friend of mine recently felt compelled to look up his breed (Cavapoo), confirming his emotional support dog status. So yes, I’m one of those peeps in support of making Love Your Pet Day a national holiday (If you missed it this year it was on February 20th, 2020).

What Makes Someone an Animal Lover?

pet-lover-gifts Click this photo to have a portrait done of your favorite pet (s)



Well for starters, and animal lover is someone who dedicates a whole blog post to her love of animals (point finger to self). An animal lover could also be someone who shows interest and or support for animals in general.


I also happen to believe that being a pet lover reduces stress, keeps you from being stuck in your ways, and proves that you are capable of giving and receiving love.


Just ask the animals. Lol. Can dogs sense a good person? I would say so. There’s a reason why dogs bark at CERTAIN people you know.

Gifts for a Dog Lover

dog-lover-necklace Click Photo to buy this chihuahua necklace now Babes :)
1. Balloon Dog Necklace 2. Custom Dog Portrait Necklace 3. Labrador Retriever Necklace
4. French Bulldog Earrings 5.Chihuahua dog ring 6. Layered Dog Necklace
1. Schnauzer Earrings 2. Dog Earrings 3. King Charles Ear Jacket (1)
4. Paw Print Jewelry Set 5. Beagle Dangle Earrings 6. Personalized Giraffe Necklace

Here are some more Fab Animal Lover Accessory Finds

Can I just add that there's nothing more precious than these custom dog muglife coffee cups?

Gift for Cat Lover

cat-pendant Click the photo to make this cute cat pendant yours now :)
What do you get a cat lover? Hmm…I’d say that an amazing gift for a cat lover would be a necklace with a cat pendant like the one shown above. You could also do cat earrings ( cat earrings studs, cat earrings sterling silver, or perhaps even Kate Spade cat earrings). You can also go for a cat bracelet (there’s nothing cuter than a cat bracelet charm). Aren't my picks some of the best cat lover gifts ever? cat-lover-jewelry-2020
1. Black Cat Earrings 2. Jumping Cat Kitten 3. Angry Cat Earrings
4. Crazy Cat Lady Bracelet 5. Cat Lady Necklace
1. Sterling Silver Cat Ring 2. Tiny Cat Earring Studs 3. Cat Ears Ring
4. Cat Necklace

Animal Lover Jewelry

If you're an animal lover, then you're going to obsess over my round-up animal lover jewelry picks below. They're all super special: animal-lover-jewelry-2020
1. I Hate People Bracelet 2. Pet Portrait Necklace 3. Photo Earrings
4. Mini Elephant Bracelet 5. Giraffe Long Necklace 6. Alpaca Necklace

animal lover jewelry trends
1. Animal Portrait Cuff 2. Leopard Earrings Studs 3. Personalized Pet Bracelet
4. Pet Name Bracelet 5. LLama Earring Studs 6. Personalized Giraffe Necklace

Pet Ashes To Jewelry

Losing a pet is difficult. After being around them and getting to know their little personalities they become like members of the family. It can be a downright sentimental time.


This is where pet ashes to jewelry come into play. .So…without going into full details of the Pet ashes to jewelry process, I will touch upon some of the highlights you’d want to know. The ashes are produced after the death of your beloved pet's death and cremation.


It takes around a week. You don’t use ALL of your pet's ashes. If you wish to save all of the ashes, you can purchase an urn. The ashes you use will be secured inside of pet memorial jewelry of your choosing. jewelry-for-pet-ashes

1. Rose Gold Pet Urn 2. Pet Cremation Urn Necklace 3. Dog Urn Keychain
4. Pet Urn Necklace 5. Pet Ashes Earrings

Paw Print Tattoos

Paw print tattoos. If you want to show your love for your pet, here's an idea to show how much you worship the ground your pet walks on---get paw print tattoos.


You can put it somewhere where no one will even see it, but you'll still know that it's there. No worries, it can be permanent paw print tattoos or temporary ones.



1. Paw Print Brooch 2. Paw Print Earrings
3. Paw Print Diamond Studs
I hope you enjoyed this everything gift for pet lover types post. Now, who’s ready to get paw print tattoos with me?

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